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In her disturbing new series at VII Gallery in Brooklyn, Belgian photographer Frieke Janssens asks viewers if the nostalgia often associated with cigarettes would look as enticing on a much younger crowd. For "Smoking Kids," Janssens dressed four to nine year olds in period costumes referencing the golden age of cigarette culture. The final touch to their retro-chic ensembles was a glowing cigarette (although Janssens' are made of cheese, candles and incense instead of tobacco). According to Slate, the artist was inspired by the viral video of a baby chain smoking in Indonesia. Although the cigarettes themselves are harmless, there is something truly disturbing about Janssen's hazy, seductive depiction of innocent children enjoying a smoke break. What do you think guys?
@saharjalpari9 the point behind that to warn the adults to think about the children, what if they smoke as well just like the adults :)
@alise agree I dont like or get it whats the point behind dis
would it create the bad influence for young viewers? This project is kind of disturbing though .
oh then it would be the same with cocaine. I used to be legalized until people realzied it was bad for your health :D
where is that the kids used to smoke freely in the public ? I wonder :D