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I got up to episode 10! And I was already crying! Don't tell me the ending is going to get worse, I know that... Stupid teacher had to teach us foreshadowing.... I really don't want to end up crying but I'm too addicted...
I loved this anime.
@AnimeNerdie. I thought that they got the title from when the Arima and the others were describing his music... @aGoodManAtWar Thank you and so far I have to agree with you.
its a wonderful and beautiful anime to watch, sadly I couldn't cry for this anime (when I predict how it will happen there's a chance I either will or won't cry) but despite that I couldn't cry, I kept holding my heart. Also I'm so slow because after I finished it, of why it was called your lie in April 😂😂
@aGoodManAtWar Dude. You should've warn me that I would end up ruining my clothes. They're covered in tears and snot. Its not funny either. Can I have the box of tissues please???
despite the sadness... it was well worth it, let me know what you think when your done, I'll be here with some tissues lol