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Lee Min Ho with a Cat Plushie
<333 Does he look cute in pink? *o*
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ofcourse yes...he looks cute...smart dashing in pink....
4 years ago·Reply
I love his bowtie <33
4 years ago·Reply
I posted dis pic 2 I will share it w u mine is diff its a whole poster I will show u lols I love him he is just 2 cute <3 ;-)
4 years ago·Reply
http://www.vingle.net/posts/150208-YESS-YESSZ-I-AM-ALL-YOURS-MY-LOVELY-OPPA-3 the u go chingu the same pic i posted in a diff way lols
4 years ago·Reply
@saharjalpari9 saw it :3
4 years ago·Reply