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...or rather, "8 TYPES of black history movies that need to get made" #1 BLACK AFRICAN EMPIRES #2 THE BRIEF RISE OF BLACK AMERICANS DURING RECONSTRUCTION #3 THE BLACK SEMINOLES SLAVE REBELLION #4 THE BLACK AMERICAN WEST #5 BLACK WOMEN IN AMERICAN HISTORY #6 PRE-RACIALIZED AMERICAN HISTORY #7 FREE BLACK AMERICANS AND THOSE ENSLAVED BY INDIGENOUS AMERICANS AND OTHER BLACKS, DURING SLAVERY #8 BLACK EUROPEANS #8 really did get me thinking... I don't ever recall seeing black people in history movies about Europe, unless the plot line involved an African man directly. What are your thoughts on this list?
Yeah, where do you go? im at tulane in louisiana( economics(
It wasn't too long ago..I'm still a student yes lol. What bout you?
Haha how long ago was that?? Are you still a student
@curtisb at least that's what I remember from my US labor history class lol
@curtisb it actually says "pre-racialized" :P it refers to a period in early American history when blacks were not automatically equated with slavery. They could work themselves free of indentured servitude following a contract, just like the majority of white immigrants to America. But it all ended with the outlawing of indentured servitude as slavery became the main mode of "employment" on plantations...
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