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...or rather, "8 TYPES of black history movies that need to get made" #1 BLACK AFRICAN EMPIRES #2 THE BRIEF RISE OF BLACK AMERICANS DURING RECONSTRUCTION #3 THE BLACK SEMINOLES SLAVE REBELLION #4 THE BLACK AMERICAN WEST #5 BLACK WOMEN IN AMERICAN HISTORY #6 PRE-RACIALIZED AMERICAN HISTORY #7 FREE BLACK AMERICANS AND THOSE ENSLAVED BY INDIGENOUS AMERICANS AND OTHER BLACKS, DURING SLAVERY #8 BLACK EUROPEANS #8 really did get me thinking... I don't ever recall seeing black people in history movies about Europe, unless the plot line involved an African man directly. What are your thoughts on this list?
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@curtisb it actually says "pre-racialized" :P it refers to a period in early American history when blacks were not automatically equated with slavery. They could work themselves free of indentured servitude following a contract, just like the majority of white immigrants to America. But it all ended with the outlawing of indentured servitude as slavery became the main mode of "employment" on plantations...
@curtisb at least that's what I remember from my US labor history class lol
Haha how long ago was that?? Are you still a student
It wasn't too long ago..I'm still a student yes lol. What bout you?
Yeah, where do you go? im at tulane in louisiana( economics(