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The top contenders for the current toughest/ wild serious NAKAMA!! Haha nahh most of em are fools that can't even think strait but when it comes to protecting their NAKAMA!! Nothing's more important!! In honor of these great 4 I give tribute this saturday to always remember how hard you have and will continue to fight for your NAKAMA!! Anime is life!! One Piece is Love!! Naruto forever!! Fairy Tail Pride!! Bleach your whites!!
D fuck where is Goku
I think. It would be better if there eyes went black then you know theres serious
@MasonBurt this is post 80's anime lol so goku is outdated but I agree. But these are just the top 4 contenders for battle anime/manga out currently. Not including the silly DB super which is illogical in so many ways. But as an overall Y standpoint him as well as YU YU and inuyasha could even be oldies and even Himura aka batousai the manslayer!! And some others but those are thug big time and lengthy animes that are still going without breaks from the original anime complex. OP, Naruto, FT and Bleach all have followed a single path. DB has had way way to many roadblocks and changed so much esp within the past few years with super and Kai which bring it out of the main running and top 4/5 battle anime anymore. Though it is still an admiration from Akira Atoriyama to inspire many of these mangaka's to do their work. Still I respect Eiichiro Ode the most after reading why he became not only the #1 selling mangaka by over 100,000,000 over the #2 which is DB at 200,000,000 and #3 at 210,000,000. Meaning way way ahead but his reason fora one was bc he wanted people to have a hero that's real life based to look up to and believe in, not some out of space super indestructible being who always wins, as well as the same storyline besides the villian over and over. I love db and DBZ don't get me wrong I've seen em both enough to know the words and episodes of every part I own every VHS but this is just current tops. Goku fell off back in the late 90's overseas and early 200's in US. These NAKAMA are still killing it and growing to incredible heights. Esp LUFFY!!!!!!!!