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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Reader x Yoongi
Length: 2654 words
Warning: Intimacy, Swearing, Depression
Summary: He was my everything, but to him we were nothing.
Part: 10/?
Y/n’s POV
“W-what?”, I whispered, still trying to pull away.
“Oh c’mon y/n”, he crooned. “I’ve seen the way you look at me.” I wanted to slap the cocky smirk off his face, but I was too scared to retaliate.
“It’s called being nice”, I spat in disgust. That was a mistake I was continuously making. Being nice to the wrong people. Or was everyone around here completely fucked up?
“That day that guy was arguing with you outside the club, are you nice to him? The guy out there with Suzy, who was practically undressing you with his eyes, are you nice to him? Why don’t you show me your definition of nice, babe?”
He was mocking me. “LET GO!” I yelled, as he moved closer than he already was.
“OK.” Before I had registered what he had said, he had pushed me away from him, and because I was already pulling back, I landed on the floor with a hefty thud.
There were angry tears in my eyes, as I moaned quietly on impact with the floor. All I had come to do was get a damn coffee. And the bloody bartender turns out to be a maniac.
Why the hell did I agree to come here with him?
Oh right, I knew why. Jungkook.
Jungkook's POV
Suzy cleared her throat pointedly to get his attention, but Jungkook ignored her. He watched, tight- lipped as Y/n left the main seating area with the guy behind the counter. He looked familiar, but Jungkook couldn’t put his finger on where he had seen him.
“Jungkook”, Suzy spoke clearly annoyed. “I’m over here.” Still, he ignored her until they were completely out of sight.
“Why the fuck did you call me out here?”He spoke in a lowvoice, but he was angry. He had asked her this four times now, and she either ignored him, or laughed really loud like he had told the worlds funniest joke. Probably to get y/n’s attention.
“Wanted to see you babe.”
“What the fuck? You wanna have a heart to heart, go to Yoongi.”
“Yoongi won’t talk to me”, she huffed. Ah. That made sense. Jungkook had to listent to her because she had that photo- she probably had nothing on Yoongi.
Or Yoongi just didn’t give a shit even if she did.
Jungkook had never regretting anything more in his life than sleeping with this bitch just because he was angry at Yoongi. No wait- he regretted the way he had treated y/n even more.
Now she hated him, and hardly anyone was speaking to him at home. He sighed to himself. He always condemned Yoongi for his temper, but in reality he was just like him.
Jungkook glanced at the clock and frowned. 15 minutes. Y/n had been gone 15 minutes. He knew it wasn’t any of his concern, and they were probably having a friendly chat- y/n wasn’t like Suzy. She didn’t just sleep with anyone.
But why would you want to speak to the bartender for that damn long? Especially when y/n thought idle chat was a waste of time- whenever they studied together, and he went off topic, she’ hush him up.
It was a bit strange to Jungkook that y/n was here the day before an exam in the first place, but the fact that she had been gone so long was a bit of a worry, if anything.
If they were genuinely just talking, and Jungkook intervened, y/n would hate him even more. And even if he helped her politely end the conversation, it’s not like her could redeem himself after all those toxic words he had spouted out earlier.
20 minutes. Suzy was just sat there on her phone. “Not that I want you to do well, but we do have an exam tomorrow”, Jungkook snapped. He was getting restless.
He was met with a yawn from her. He wanted to strangle her, he really did.
“I’m going to the restroom. Back in a bit.”, he muttered. She didn’t even look up from her phone. He was going somewhere, yes. But it wasn’t the restroom. And he certainly wasn’t coming back.”
Y/n’s POV
Mark crouched down, a mock pout on his face. “What’s wrong princess? Are you hurt? Let me help.”
I shuffled back as quick as I physically could,using my arms as leverage until I hit the wall. I wrapped the jacket around me tighter- didn’t realise I was shaking so much. The mixture of fear and anger was a strange one, as I was torn between trying to run, and beating the hell out of him using the heaviest objects I could lay my hands on.
“What the hell are you doing Mark?” I asked him slowly, as he stood back up from his crouching position.
“I’m not doing anything. Just want a friendly chat”, he smirked. I closed my eyes tight as he walked up to me. This isn’t happening.
He grabbed me my the arms and hoisted me until I was standing. I kept my eyes closed, not wanting to look at him. I felt his breath tickling my ear. “Suzy told me you were easy and looking for a good time”, he whispered. “Guess she was right.”
I felt sick. What the fuck did that bitch have against me? She had ruined my friendships, my relationship and now she was telling people I was easy?
No wonder Mark knew her name from before.
I mean, I knew she had liked Yoongi for a bit, but I honestly thought we were past that. I tried to push Mark away, screaming “I’m not easy you bastard! Get away from me!”
A struggle ensued. He started trying to pin me to the wall as I was kicking and yelling. When he started trying to take my jacket off, I screamed even louder.
He clamped my mouth shut using his hand. “Shut the fuck up!” he hissed. Of course I didn’t. I was still shouting, but it was now a little bit more muffled.
I was internally praying for someone to hear me by the time he had one-handedly got my jacket off. I didn’t understand how he was still stronger than me when one of his hands was being used to silence me. I couldn’t even kick him because the way his weight was on me, I couldn’t move.
He had just thrown the jacket on the floor when we heard a bang. He froze momentarily.
I used that as an opportunity to try and push him off but he slammed me against the wall in his panic with so much force that I cried out in pain.
Suddenly the door swung open at an insane speed. I didn’t know how to react to the person on the other side, because I knew he hated me. Jungkook.
It took him a moment to process the sight before him. Me crying and my face scrunched up in pain. Mark, holding me to the wall with one hand covering my mouth. His eyes slowly went to my jacket, then back to us.
Mark slowly let go off me, shooting me a warning look not to say anything stupid. “Excuse me”, he spoke up, trying to hide his breathlessness. “This office is reserved for workers only.”
I stared at him in disbelief. Jungkook had just seen everything and he was trying to act so casual. I quickly wiped my eyes as I watched Jungkook step into the room, shutting the door behind him.
“You son of a bitch”, Jungkook growled at Mark. Both men stepped up to each other. “The fuck did you just say?”
“You were trying to force her into having sex.” Jungkook saying those words out loud made me want to sob out loud. Because that’s exactly what Mark had been doing.
“No, she wanted it. Princess here wanted to have a good ti-”
Mark didn’t actually get to finish the sentence as Jungkook punched him square in the jaw. He fell to the ground harder than I had when he had pushed me over.
“Motherfucker!” Jungkook roared as he kicked Mark repeatedly.
Holy shit, he’s gonna kill him!
My throat was burning from all the screaming but that didn’t stop me from shouting “Stop! He’s out cold!”
Jungkook still carried on beating him up, so I ran up to him and put my arms around his waist to pull him back. “Jungkook stop please!” I couldn’t physically move him, but he stopped as soon as I touched him.
I could see his shoulders moving up and down from breathlessness as I slowly let go. He stepped over Mark and I watched as he went to pick up my jacket. I crouched down and checked if Mark was OK- like no broken bones or anything.
He looked pretty bruised and had a bust lip, but nothing serious. He looked so innocent, lying there. Nothing like what he was only minutes ago.
Jungkook had walked around us and was stood behind me. I felt him drape the jacket around my shoulders.
Yes he had just helped me out big time. But I couldn’t bring myself to look at him. His spiteful words from earlier were echoing in my head, so I stayed crouching down, facing away from him.
“Did he hurt you?” Jungkook asked gently.
“No.” My reply was short, stoic and cold as I stood up abruptly, putting my arms in the sleeves. I sniffed a couple of times and made sure my eyes were dry as I turned to walk around Jungkook,to the door.
There wasn’t a mirror back here so I had to assume I looked half decent as I placed my hand on the door handle.
“Y/n, wait”, Jungkook ordered, like he had a right over me or something. I ignored him and opened the door walking out. Someone would find Mark eventually. If Suzy was still sat there, god help me because that bitch was going to get it. I’d had enough there’s only so much a person can take.
I walked faster, but Jungkook easily caught up. I glared at him as he overtook me and blocked my way so I couldn’t get past him.
He wiped his thumb across my lip and when he moved it away, I saw red. Blood. My lip was bleeding and I hadn’t even realised. Must have been from biting them too hard- I did that when I was nervous or scared.
I hastily rubbed at my mouth with the back of my hand and hoped most of the blood had come off, so I could go out in a public place without getting weird looks.
“Leave me alone. Your dates waiting for you”, I spat.
“She’s not my fucking date”, Jungkook replied. His eyes kept darting to my lips- I probably hadn’t got all the blood off.
I scoffed and he insisted, “She’s not! I’m here because she’s using that photo to get me to do whatever the hell she wants.”
“Good. Serves you right.”
What the hell was he expecting? Sympathy?
“I’m gonna kill her”, I heard him mutter.
“Why? If anyone should kill her it’s me. She’s sending boys like that after me, telling them I’m ‘easy’ an-”
“Never mind”, I brushed him off quickly, mentally face-palming myself at my inability to keep my mouth shut.
I knew Jungkook was trying hard not to touch me as he stepped up to me and asked again. “What did you say?”
That mad glimmer was back in his eye. I sighed.
“I told you to go back to your date”, I said, referring to a couple of minutes back instead of answering his question.
“Now if you don’t mind, I have to go and revise.”
“God damn it y/n, cut the bullshit! I know you know your stuff!” He was getting mad and I really didn’t care. I didn’t know why he stopped Mark, or why he came after me when literally earlier today he had said I was ‘nothing’.
“I’m not leaving you. You can’t be alone after what happened.”
I sighed again. He really wasn’t gong to leave me, so I stared at him without emotion as I took out my phone.
I tried calling Tae, but to no avail. Jungkook watched me confused as I tried another number. I didn’t break eye contact with him as I waited for an answer.
“Hello? Namjoon?”
“Hey y/n, how’s it going?”
“Good good. How was the exam?”
I could almsot hear the smile in his voice as he replied. “Smashed it.”
I gave a small smile myself. “Knew it. Listen, is Tae there? He’s not picking up.”
Jungkook slowly realised what I was doing and looked annoyed. That pleased me.
“Yeah, he’s here. Fell asleep on the sofa while revising.”
“Aish. Can you tell him to come round to mine?”
“Yeah will do. You alright? You sound a bit...breathless.”
“I’m fine Joonie. Bartender at the club attacked me, and ‘I can’t be alone right now’.”
I looked directly at Jungkook when I quoted him. “WHAT?!” Namjoon yelled making me wince. “I’m fine!” I consoled him. “I’ll fill you in later, but just wake Tae up. Thanks.”
Just before I ended the call I heard Namjoon mutter, “Why is it always you?”
I pocketed the phone and looked back at a fuming Jungkook. “There. Now you can leave me. I won’t be alone.”
I had never been so cold towards anyone before, not even with Yoongi after an argument. But Jungkook had genuinely hurt me, and I didn’t deserve that.
I knew I should be a little thankful at least, for his help. And I was, but I wasn’t showing it. I’d get someone to thank him on my behalf later- I could be just as stubborn when I wanted to.
“Y/n...I’m sorry OK? I didn’t mean any of that shit.”
“OK”, I said, pushing past him and walking away.
“That’s it?” he asked in disbelief, turning around and following me out.
“You hurt me when I was already hurting. You embarrassed me in front of everyone. You punched Taehyung. You fucked Suzy. You keep fighting with Yoongi. The list is fucking endless!”
I turned back round and he halted. I jabbed my finger into his chest before ending my rant. “So guess what Jeon Jungkook? ‘Sorry’ just doesn’t cut it!”
We stood there looking at each other, doing nothing for about half a minute. My eyes scanned his face, now full of hurt. His eyes looked tired and were silently pleading with me. Exactly the same look I had given him earlier today.
“Good luck on the exam tomorrow”, I spat, wishing him anything but. And with that I turned on my heel and stormed out as quick as I could, fully aware that I looked a mess.
Taehyung wasn’t there yet when I got to my place, so I sighed and went inside, locking the door and revelling in the peaceful silence of my flat.
I checked my phone to see if Tae had maybe messaged to say he was on his way, but was mildly surprised to see a text from Jungkook.

From Jungkook: Followed you home to make sure you were safe. Meant what I said earlier y/n. I am sorry. For everything. And I couldn’t say this to your face but never forget it, even if you don’t believe it- I love you.

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aaaahhhhh!!!! this was an amazing chapter! yay for kookie!!! I would have killed Mark and where the hell is tae
Ughh :/ I want her with suga..but kookie is really trying. ..uhhh
Okay, why would you do that?!? Mark is my freaking bias!!!! And Jungkook is my bias in BTS!!!!! Why would you do this?!! I mean, Mark is my freaking husband (ultimate bias) and Jungkook is like my second husband (second ultimate bias)!!!!!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEE?!?!?!? 😠😠😠😭😭😭
She should've found Suzy and smack the bitch out of her. People like that don't learn until you finally face them and show them you won't take their shit anymore. I feel for Jung Kook but I'm still mad at the way he talked to her before. 😐
Why must he come crawling back into my heart again😣😣😣
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