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I'm so sad...I really wanted to purchase P2 for the Dallas concert!!! But I'm still going no matter what!!! I'm still going to experience my first K-Pop concert even if I can't meet Jackson like I wanted to... *sighs* But next time I will!
@JaxomB Really I got the P2 after trying for like 20 mins
I was really hoping for the hightouch seats too, but I settled with the third tier that gets a signed poster. I'm not sure if I made it in the first 100. It's a good place too. Still bloody happy.
@KpopGaby I know it's horrible and unfair to the people who actually want to go
you might want to delete this pic and crop it. ppl can scam your tickets with the order number.
You were still lucky. We couldn't even GET tickets for Atlanta. The P1 were sold out at touch of the button...and so were the P2. By the time we got the site reloaded, we couldn't get any tickets.
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