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I'm so sad...I really wanted to purchase P2 for the Dallas concert!!! But I'm still going no matter what!!! I'm still going to experience my first K-Pop concert even if I can't meet Jackson like I wanted to... *sighs* But next time I will!
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@shellyfuentes70 I'll try and I know everyone will update ^_^
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I tried getting tickets 4 the LA one but the waiting room took forever 2 let me through and then it couldn't find any tickets that weren't split and then it was just all sold out...馃槯馃槩馃槶 I wanted 2 see them so bad...
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Omg same ! axs was crashing so I couldn't buy any tickets for Fly in Dallas :(
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@5sosstilinski @AraceliJimenez It really hasn't been such a great day.... I'm sorry guys...
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@JaxomB Really I got the P2 after trying for like 20 mins
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