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Sooo you know how I said I was meeting them in my last card? Yeah, well it looks like that isn't happening... I feel so bad because my friends and I have been saving up for this for months and as soon as I get on the website, they sold out... I'm proud of Got7 for being so popular in America, but I REALLY wanted those tickets.... I feel like an idiot because I forgot that Atlanta was an hour ahead of where I live. I should have stuck to my original plan and woke up super early and watched the countdown, that way I could've known... It's also prom day and I've been crying like a baby for the past hour, so I might have puffy eyes for my prom make up 馃槄. But, I hope that the people who are going have a good time. And please be mindful of the people who can't go, like me. Don't make them feel worse about it please. Anyways... Have fun.
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keep searching took me an hour to find a ticket for chicago after it kept telling me that the $200 were not available. I got lucky and finally found one. Also do searches a lot of places buy tickets and sell them on their own websites, stub hub for example.
Yep....that's where a friend got hers.
@JaxomB have you been checking the facebook event page. that's where I got mine
I keep checking @KaiJae but I do need 2 together. A friend got her 2 tickets last night in P3 for cost.
check the event page for it, I found p2 ticket and bought it from someone. lots of people are trying to sell there tickets to get better ones. I know someone on there now is selling a p3 ticket for the orchestra section for 178.
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