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Hey Monbebes! I'm back and i wanted to take some time to talk about something I've been having in mind for a few days. So, we all know Monsta X has been so amazing to us Monbebes and they have been working so hard! They honestly do love us and you can tell they appreciate us! They are constantly doing stuff to please us or make us happy. I thought we should do the same and give them a gift in return. I'm not talking about a personal gift or anything like that. I feel like Monsta X has worked so hard and they haven't really received a gift from all Monbebes. In Celebrity Bromance Jackson asked Jooheon when he would be getting a phone and this is how Jooheon responded.
So, it's basicly all on us guys! We should unite and show that we also appreciate everything they do for us. And since their comeback is around the corner, perfect time to give them this gift! ^^ These are just my thoughts... and I can't do this on my own...

So, who's in???

@NathashaXavier Thank You! 馃槉 @SerenityThao @LisetteZapata @xxchicharitoxx @MsLoyalHeart @JohnEvans @VKookie47 @reyestiny93 @PrettieeEmm I know there is multiple ways of voting. They count the YouTube views for sure, you can txt and vote, and I've seen internet links before. Just stay in the look out and just please post a card or let us know if you find anything! 馃槅
We need to do this.....I just hope they don't go on too soon, as BTS will overshadow them.
Let's do this MonBebes!!!!
I'm in!!!
That's the same thing I was thinking -_- @JaxomB
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