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All i asked was to see GOT7, yes I wanted P1 or P2 seats but seats in general would of been fine!! But Axs had to be rude and says there was no seats available after I waited so long in there stupid waiting room!!
once I did get in to be able to purchase this is what I got!!!! Like what?????? How do I click another option when I basically clicked all the available seats!!!! Now I wont be able to see GOT7, my whole world is done..... what is life now????
Even so Im proud of the boys for selling out the venue!!! I just wish I was one of those tickets....I hope the IGOT7 that get to go have in going to go burry myself under a rock....
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@JaxomB right so many IGOT7 outdone by scalpers! And now we cant get tickets unless we pay 600 plus and thats for GA
Girll same here i got that in the first 5 min no seats found
yes I agree. this happened to many people. it was really dumb.
Omg, same. But then I went onto a different site so I was able to get tickets.
Anyone that wants to see Got7 in LA an NY and didn't get tickets I just saw in Facebook that SubKulture announced 2nd show dates.