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My heart is broken. So my sister and I (plus our two friends) were hella excited for this...and they SOLD OUT w/in a half hour. The venue was pretty small, I believe it said it hold only about 2,300 people. I didn't think they would sell out so fast...Even Big Bang tickets didn't sell out that quick. Then again, the venue for Big Bang's concert hold up to 17,000 people! I was like, "why would they use this tiny little place?!" and maybe since they are doing hi-touch, I'm thinking it's so that they can interact more with fans...which *SIGH* ONLY MAKES ME SADDER...but think it's also pretty cool of them...(if that is the case anyways) Guess I'll just wait to meet these cuties another time.
that is the same thibg my friend said
may be they didn't expect so many people.. but now next time they will have a bigger place. . but what they could do now is to extend the concert for another day so everyone has the opportunity to see them..
seriously and some of the p1 or p2 tickets went to people who are now selling them for 1000 dollars.... im over here like how is that even fair....
@bnrenchilada right i love GOT7 but cant afford to pay that much...its unfair to IGOT7s that deserve to go but cant because people like that took the tickets instead...
woooww are you kidding me..i nean i live Got7 and im all for them...but it is not worth it... like people are such assholes @SusiBosshammer