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Hello! My Gummyz, how have you all been? Its been quite some time since I posted anything....I have been a ghost by commenting and liking the cards that you all tag me in (I read them all even if I don't like/comment). But you know school.....its hard.... Anyways, I have plans to continue the challenges I have been either tagged in or have started, just wait for a great time where I have nothing to do! As you may have read the title, I am somewhat helping an up and coming this is K-pop related but I feel that you will try to help me in getting people interested in this rapper.
Now it's only been a short while since I found out about this rapper, who's called Kato Dox, a kind of strange story about how I found out about him. It was the week after AOMG came to LA and I had commented on one of the member's Instagrams (or maybe the group page?). That's when I got a new follower, which happened to be him, I don't know what prompted him to follow me and if he has done that with others but I was intrigued that he was making music. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I was steadily becoming a fan, listened to the very limited music he has (which rap is not really my thing, hip hop is not something I listen to but I gave him a chance....because I gave my K-hip hop artists a chance). Also following him on Instagram and FB, subscribed to his Youtube. So that's how I keep in touch....since he is not well known there aren't many comments on Instagram (he posts things there a lot more than his other social media) basically it's me rooting for him and stuff like that! He actually replies to everything I comment and I love that he is trying to reach out to people (although who knows if he will continue to do that once he gets more known) Getting to the reason of this card, he and I think its his producer (I don't really know) obviously noticed my interest in his music. They reached out to me to help them promote Kato's new single Gone, which is coming out this Monday. Well I accepted for the sole reason that I love helping people out and I would love to see how he grows! From what I know he is from this is me asking you all to help me by sharing the link to the song (which I will post) share it to your friends, family, and anyone who you know loves hip hop!!! Share it, as I will, to any social media accounts you have!!!
Here is the link and the original message, which I remember his name Jony, that was sent to me actually today! If you want here is Kato's instagram name, you could find eveything else on his bio and follow him!!! @katodoxmusic Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!
@renrutkaitie hah thank you for supporting him!!!
He is good, me likey.