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This card is just for the people who appreciate how luscious our Kpop Idol's lips are. These are just a few I could think of from the top of my head.
Hyungwon- Monsta X His lips are so full. Whenever I think of lips I think of him.
Jin- BTS Of course Jin comes to mind. He is so cute.
Taemin- SHINee I had to do Taemin. Just look at him....
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Yass what about Namjoon and mi papi chulo Jimin lol?! More please...
@amobigbang Of course lol, they're already on my list
@amobigbang How come Daesung from BigBang didn't come to mind??? His lips are so luscious I know there has to be many a woman jealous of those fine lips... His delicious looking lips...
Please continue this!! THERE ARE SO MANY