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So excited. I got the news yesterday, that Cross Gene is working on a new album. With their heightened success after each Comeback, it is going to be a beautiful album.

☆☆ I am so glad they are promoting more and being more active.

With their past albums, Cross Gene certainly does not disappoint when it comes to catchy tunes, and fun videos.

To take a look back at some of their Albums, I have included some of their songs from each album.

☆☆ Timeless Begins ☆☆

☆☆ Some are the Live versions.

1) LA Di Da Di ☆ This song was their debut song. I fell in love with the beat. 2) Sky High ☆ This song is a feel good tune and always eases my stress. I do have to say that among all of their songs, this one is one of my Favorites. 3) For This Love ☆ They harmonize so well. 4) One Way Love ☆ Try not liking this song. 5) MY Lady ☆ This song is a perfect ballad.

☆☆ Shooting Star ☆☆

1) Shooting Star (Korean Version) ☆ This video is gorgeous. 2) Shooting Star (Japanese Version) 3) Solar (Korean Version) ☆ 4) Solar (Japanese Version) ☆

☆☆ Crazy ☆☆

1) Crazy ☆ This is my 2nd Favorite song of theirs. 2) Crazy ☆ English Version

☆☆ Dirty Pop ☆☆

☆☆ My Love Song ☆☆

☆☆ Page Of Love ☆☆

1) Page of Love (Korean Version) 2) Page of Love (Japanese Version)

☆☆ Another Personal Favorite

☆ Amazing Bad Lady ☆

☆☆ Not a Boy, Not yet a Man ☆☆ (어려도 남자)

☆☆ If there is anything these Angels are able to do, it's winning the hearts of fans.

☆ ☆ Future ☆ ☆

1) Future 2) Billion Dolla ☆ I'm leaving the Live and the Music Video from their movie Zedd.

☆☆ Play With Me (나하고 놀자) ☆☆

1) Play With Me (Lip Sync Version) + Live 2) Watch Out

☆☆ Love and Peace ☆☆

Now unfortunately, they have not made these Songs available to the U.S yet. They do, however, have a dance practice to Shi Tai.

☆☆ Game ☆☆

1) Noona, You ( 누나 너 말야 ) MV + Comeback Stage 2) My Face 3) Kki 4) I'll Be Fine 5) Mr. Secret
Which Album is your Favorite? What style of song do you hope to hear from them?

Is anyone else excited like I am?!?!

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omg I'm excited! *squeal*
So excited!!!! @exoexo
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I'm sooooo excited
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