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So @mycreativename brought to my attention that a new Vingler has joined us. Her name is @adavanson and I just wanted to give her a warm welcome. I heard her bias is Suga. So in honor here's Suga to help me.
First off Welcome to Vingle!!!! A place where many fangirls/fanboys get drawn more into the hole called K-pop. Everyone is nice and there are no fandom wars allowed.
Everyone is super friendly so don't be scared to comment on a card. Some of us got this app just so we could talk to more people who like Kpop. We're all crazy and like having fun and we want the same for you.
Now just for the heck of it, Here's a little spam of Suga because why not?
Ughhhh...He is just too beautiful for words.
Hopefully this was a good welcome. I hope you liked it!!!
Welcome @AdaVanson ! Please feel free to ask any questions about anything! The Vingle kpop community is an amazingly kind family, so please don't hesitate to fit right in! 鈾♀櫋
Yay!!!!! Welcome:):):)
thanks 馃槉馃榿
@AdaVanson You're welcome!!
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