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Rating: 10/10 Synopsis: These two students, Kakeru and Yuka, are randomly transported into a different world, which they call: Red Night. Later they meet, Misuzu, who also gets sucked into the Red Night. They all train for awhile to awaken Kakeru's power, before meeting Yukiki and Takahisa, who are also taken to the Red Night. During the Red Night, which occurs daily, these people fight others known as: Black Knights. But, although they seem to come off as bad guys, they actually aren't. In fact Kakeru, Yuka, Misuzu, Yukuki, Takahisa and also Shiori and Kukuri are the bad guys. The Black Nights are trying to conceal the power of a witch named, Liselotte. Liselotte, who is a fragment, is concealed in this glass sorta thing, and to break her out she needs the help of the other 6 fragments: Yuka, Misuzu, Yukuki, Takahisa, Shiori and Kukuri. However, if one the fragments is dead, she can use Kakeru's Eye of Aeon to help her breka out and fulfill her dream of destroying the world. Main Characters: Kakeru: After his sister's death, Kakeru became reserved and really felt there was no need for life. But when the Red Night started, Kakeru became mentality matured and found friends whom he felt he needed to protect. His especially want to protect Yuka, who lives in the same orphanage as he does. His power includes the Eye Of Aeon, which can predict the moves of his opponents. And he is also a wielder of a sword that he uses well. (He is picture 2) Yuka: She was and still is Kakeru moral support after he lost his sister. Yuka is a bubbly, child-like girl, who has a very possessive, in my opinion, hold on Kakeru, who she loves. She feels the need to protect and be by his side all the time. In the anime, she defiently gets jealous when Kakeru is found doing things that isn't what it looks like. She even puts a razor sharp thing in Misuzu's tea when Yuka feels that Misuzu and Kakeru friendship is getting too close. So, in other words she is a yandere. Her power includes the suspension of someone's power for some time. (She is picture 3) Misuzu: She posses the best power of all the fragments because she is the strongest physically. Mentality, she is not strong. She is often traumatized when hearing about things that shock her, while the others take the information not so harshly as she does. She train Kakeru to obtain his power and also is somewhat hated by Yuka because she spends much time with Kakeru. Misuzu confesses that she loves Kakeru, but knows that he likes Yuka and Yuka is crazy about Kakeru, so keeps it to herself until she spills to Kakeru. She is very skilled with swords and summons great power from her family heritage. (She is picture 4) Yukiko: She has two personalities. The first is when's he wear her glasses. With this personality she is cheerful and friendly, and tried to remain positive. She also loves to fondle girls boobs. With her second personality, without he glasses, she becomes emotionless. She is a killing machine when those glasses come off. She like Takahisa, who once confessed his love for her. She's a badass killer and can also regenerate, so she can't die. Well, unless she is in her humna form. (She is picture 5) Takahisa: He is a hot-headed, but friendly and nice guy. He is often seems smoking and known for being a bad guy. As a child he was abandoned by his parents because of his ability. One day, after being seen on the streets, Takahisa, was picked up by Saiko, who is his guardian. He likes Yukiko, and is often hard on Kakeru for being liked by many girls. His power includes mentally controlling fire. (He is picture 6) The other character, Kukuri is nice and the glue of the group. She is mute, so she communicates with paper. She uses chains as her power. (She is picture 7). Shiori is the next character. She is a very silent girl, but in battle she is ruthless. Her power includes magic. (She is picture 8). The final character I will tlak about is, Liselotte, otherwise known ass The Witch Of Babylon. Because she is immortal she has witnessed some terrible things, which has made her value life as something that is not worth living. She is upset that humans make the same mistakes over and over throughout history, which ultimately is the root of he hatred for humans. She has. alive interest with Velad, who took her mind off of death. She is immortal and has a strong magic power. I really liked this anime and it's pretty short; only 12 episodes. I liked the characters for the most part but didn't really like Yuka. And my favorite power has to be of Yukiko's. watch this'll love it!!!
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