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So I got my password and I'm able to use the laptop I'm on right now every now and then, however...
Problem #1: My phone died on me a few days ago, it wont charge, turn on, anything, it's gone forever.... r.i.p. :'(
Problem #2: Even though I knew my phone was going to leave me any second, it never occurred to me to save my phone's data onto this laptop or a computer, flash-drive, anything. Every now and then I used to do this, but for some reason it didn't click in my brain that I should do that, so all my data is gone *tears*
Basically, I might be able to update sometimes, but I most likely will take forever, trying to get everything done... *sigh*. So pray for me and if you don't pray, hope for the best. >_<.
Goodbye for now and ~luv chu<3
NU OMF EWE *prays*
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awe prayers for your technology and I am a patient person
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praying for you. God bless
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