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My friend and I got the delux box. As you can see we really tore into it.
These taste just like a plum. They are little hard candies.
Curry Chips!!!! These things are sooo amazing! They have a lovely yellow curry flavor with a hit of spice on the back note.
Churros! They have a lovely crunch to them and a subtle cinnamon honey flavor.
These are baked potato sticks. They taste just like a regular baked potato skin and all.
Sesame sticks are the bomb. They are a slightly sweet tasting biscuit and occasionally you get a piece of sesame seed.
These little biscuits are individually wrapped. Soft with a sweet cream filling.
Keebler ain't got nothin on these cookies. They are individually wrapped with two in a pack. Soft but crisp cookie with a high quality chocolate.
I have never had a caramel so good.
Basically a Mandarin orange in a can. The pulp is good too. It's not drained of juice like in American orange juice.
I only took a sip because it was still warm. From what I tasted it's a grape fruit flavored sparkling water.
This is only the sauce. I have to buy tofu so I can taste it.
These are amazing. A little spicy but not overly so.
These have a nice light flavor. Similar texture to American Ramen but softer.
I haven't tried this yet but it's space rice.
I get the original box, but have been thinking about upgrading - I think you just convinced me...
interesting. I got a Japan crate last month....
@SugaOnTop where did they get them?
where did you get this???
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