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He was wearing some spinal support it was clear on the videos. plus the wheel chair. .see.. they taking good good care of him .lol.. fighting JB you will be good as new Soon..
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JB Ill still love you no matter what!!!!
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GOT7 alongside with the LOVELY ADORABLE AND EXTRAORDINARY AND AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL CARING AND LOVING VINGLE FAMILY will always be there for you JB we will always be with you no matter what!Good tkmes bad times!We will ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU!!!GOT7 Fighting!!!JB FIGHTING!!^-^
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What happened to him? 🙀 Glad he's on the mend!
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@Princess2425 he had some spinal disc problem recently. . that's the reason he wasn't able to perform at the concert. .
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@luna1171 - aaww thats really sad! I hope he doesn't push himself too hard! Those kinds of injuries can be serious. Thanks for letting me know.
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