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I think it was @nicolejb (and/)or @AlloBaber that made a card about dating apps a few months back. I know what you're thinking: Brandon, what happened to you saying that you'll never use one, you lying, hypocritical scum? I know, I know lol Lately, I've been feeling bored. and lonely lolol Maybe "playful" and "frisky" are more accurate haha So I browsed a few in the App Store and settled on one. I'm also trying to improve my communication skills with "small talk" people haha I figure if I'm going to meet somebody at a bar or club, I need to figure out how to charm them, even if it's all in good fun. It's a good skill to have in this day and age ^.^
It's simple and pleasing to look at, mostly. There are a decent amount of decent people on here who are decently entertaining lol It suggests people who have selected any of the same tags as you (represented by Monique).
In the Admirer section, you have 5 chances to guess who chose you to see if you're a match!
If you successfully select the person who chose you, you'll get this window and it gives you the options to friend, message or if you click the picture, it'll go to her profile!
However, if you choose incorrectly five times, you'll get this screen and lose your potential soul mate forever. Good job. Nice going. Forever alone. LOL
Based on a few filters, in this you're trying to find a cutey! *wink, wonk* If you find them unattractive, press the X. if you find them attractive, press the heart. If you're undecided, press the picture to check out their profile! You'll then show up on their side as an admirer and hopefully they choose you back!
Another thing I guess people would find useful is that it uses your location to find people around you who are interested in meeting. There are many options to filter your results as well. I personally don't use this part, because, well, I don't like people haha Stay away from me! *Sees commitment* *hisses at it* *runs away*
It's a very good time waster and filler! I highly recommend it if you're interested in chatting around and trying to see if you're attractive at all to ANYBODY lol Sooo, add me? ;* Kidding haha What are your (updated) thoughts on dating apps? Do you place any value in them? Have you found any good ones? Does anybody else get self conscious and embarrassed? haha I‘ll tag my usuals ^>^ @ButterflyBlu @alywoah @danidee @marshalledgar @MichelleHolly @hikaymm @shannonl5 @RaquelArredondo @buddyesd @jordanhamilton @sophiamor @JPBenedetto
@danidee @jordanhamilton @MichelleHolly Sorry for taking so long to respond. Uh, a little something called,"Stagecoach" happened lol I lost my voice yelling so much and it ended tonight about two hours ago and I can't sleep yet, so I thought I'd check this haha
haha, well said!!!
I'll keep that in mind @Arellano1052
You went to Stagecoach?! I thought they cancelled it!
@MichelleHolly My advice is to not take it seriously haha There are so many trolls and wastes of time (how similar to real life lol) that the only dating/meeting apps you should take semi-seriously are the ones that you need to pay for to be a part of ^.^
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