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Which Cartoon Character would you be?
So here's a quick question for you Which Cartoon Character would you be and why?
You can pick any cartoon Movies or T.V. Shows that you have watched.
For me I would be Bubbles from the PowerPuff Girls Movie and T.V. Show (and NO this does NOT include PowerPuff Girls Reboot.......)
I say that I'm Bubbles because I'm
Always Happy
Giggly like her
Love cute stuff animals
and I love animals in general
Tara Strong, the Voice Actor for Bubbles and many other shows she had lend her voice to, is by far one of my most Favorite Voice actor of all time and my most favorite Characters thats she plays are
1.) Bubbles - PowerPuff Girls
2.) Timmy Turner & Poof - Fairy Odd Parents
3.) Raven - Teen Titans (yes even Teen Titans Go)
4.) Dill Pickles (baby and teen) - Rugrats.
And many more she has voice acted in.
So comment below the cartoon character you would be and why! I'm dying to know
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probably either cake from adventure time or bubby because I'm sometimes sassy
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