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So this week I'm taking the time to introduce each member of Ikon to those who would like to learn more about Ikon if you missed the other ones the links are below http://www.vingle.net/posts/1551832?shsrc=v http://www.vingle.net/posts/1553573?shsrc=v http://www.vingle.net/posts/1556045?shsrc=v http://www.vingle.net/posts/1557397?shsrc=v
Real name: Kim Donghyuk Goes by: Donghyuk Nickname: Dongdong, Sunshine ( my nickname for him) Position: Vocal, Main dancers Birthday: January 3, 1997 Age: 19 ( international age) Height: 5'8" Motto: Be a warm hearted person at all times ( It's a family motto.) ( That explains why he is such a kind person!)
It's no secret that He is such a sweetheart he is always doing something thoughtful for the fans take for instance when he revealed personal pictures of the members of the Vapp ( The members sent him the pictures some he took.) He was 8 years old when his dad passed.. He was recruited by Yg in November 2012. He has been the member to speak the most English in videos for the fans because he has the best English accent.
He has a habit of biting his nails/lips when he gets anxious. Tablo said Donghyuk is like Donghyuk's Grandma because he is always brings Haru food and takes care of her. ( He is the sweetest! ) Donghyuk studied in the Us for 2 years ( Probably why is Accent is the best) * Plus his sister is studying in The Us in Georgia now* The members have said he is the most fashionable of the group. Jinhwan once said Donghyuk was good at girl group dances.
He Choreographed Airplane. His biggest fans would be his members (especially Yunhyeong) Also he said if he ever won the lottery he would build hospitals in countries that's have poor medical care! His real dream was to be a dancer and wasn't confident in his singing ability, but he participated in Jyp open recruitment audition and won first place.
ur right *flips table * I STAN THEM ALL NOW
I don't know why and it may be werid but I really like his nose it's so pretty to me
@mrsjeon 😜 just Stan them all it makes it easier
@swarrier16 You're welcome! Yeah it took forever to find all that about him! But he is such a sweetheart and I can't help but love him!
This cutie 😍😍 At first, he wasn't my bias. However when I saw him in the pops in seoul interview, I knew I had to get to know him better! He's the biggest sweetheart and really talented! He's really underrated though so I hope he gets more parts in the future. He captured me under his spell haha Thanks for making this card! I've always wanted to know more about him since there isn't much on the internet...
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