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This week is the week of comebacks, feel free to comment anything I miss so we can all discover more music together.
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Seventeen made a comeback with Pretty U this week and it's different from Adore U and Mansae with its flow, it is a constant moving song with lots of different themes. It's a colorful song that I feel will do well.
TWICE cameback with Cheer Up, JYP ent. has a way with continually outdoing themselves. If you thought " Like Ooh-Ahh" was a catchy song, here's another ear-worm for us all. This song is so peppy and just a nice dance song, good song for the repeat button.
Lovelys released Destiny this week and the song is calm yet energetic at the same time. I feel the song is very fitting with the group, which they always seem to succeed in. Many people imagine girl groups with a sweet image to be "copying" Apink but I can't find any support for that argument.
Mighty Mouth released "Nice 2 Meet You" ft. Soya and first lets just focus on what an old school hip-hop vibe they have, it makes the song so refreshing. The hyped up feeling of their rapping with Soya's singing fits so well with the music.
April made their comeback with "Tinker Bell" and to be honest it is a very sweet sounding song. The girls make me feel like I'm eating sugar just listening to their voices. The song has a fast paced chorus the follow smoothly from the verses.
Marmalade Kitchen ft Jung Da Eun of Pygmalion Effect and Park Chan-Woo, not popular but worth a listen. The song is very calm and the guitar in the background enhances that effect of a nice campfire type of song.
No Hoon(AKA None) released "I think of you everynight" which again isn't popular but it is a nice yet slow rap song. The song is enjoyable and AKA None's voice is refreshingly smooth.
No Brain is an indie artist that released "My Leather Jacket" that is very quirky. If you've ever seen the anime Naruto, it reminds me of something that could be its theme song. It's in other words, like a fight song.
Inlayer released mindjack for SM Station and there's no words but it's just a rock band instrumental. It was very shocking to begin with, not as much as Hitchhiker's "Eleven", but it was shocking. It feels like a long song because there's no lyrics but it is still enjoyable if you can listen to rock.
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