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April 29, GOT7 held their 1st ever solo concert 'GOT7 1st Concert - FLY IN SEOUL' at Seoul Olympic Stadium. Unfortunately, leader JB, who was diagnosed with a herniated spinal disc on April 28, was not able to stand on stage with the rest of his group members. To the surprise of all the fans in attendance, JB made an appearance at the very end of the concert wearing his official concert t-shirt, being helped by his members due to the discomfort he had walking properly. Once JB began addressing the audience, fans just couldn't help but spill tears, as he remarked that it felt weird for him to listen to the song that he'd written behind the stage, while also assuring fans with, "I don't fall down from petty things like this. I'm a man, so there's no way I'll fall down from this. I'll return with a body twice as healthy as I was before." After the concert, GOT7's Mark took to his Instagram to reveal, "D-Day. 2 years and 3 months after debut, we held our first concert! It's disappointing that our leader wasn't able to be with us... Our JB, don't worry so much today, and rest well, and get well soon. You might not be here physically but you will be here with us mentally." Junior also shared his thoughts on JB's absence during an interview, saying, "It's very disappointing. He was diagnosed with herniated spinal disc two days before. I'm very worried, but to fill in for his empty spot, the rest of the members will work hard." To JB, he also added, "Even though you're not here, we will work harder to fill up the stage. It'll feel lacking, but we'll still do well to create a good performance. Hyung, please get well soon, and I love you." Let's all put our hearts together and hope that JB will recover fully and completely very soon! Credit:
We hope that our JB will get well soon, and rest. We all love you JB! Fighting!
Hope he gets better soon! I feel so bad for him he must be so upset about it.
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @JarviaKlipka
jb fighting
I cry
He's gonna need surgery smh
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