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Look at the back of the computer Wtf sheesh.
people dont realize that this "CARTOON" does open your eyes to alot of things. anime covers racism war injustices sexual orientation and most of the controversy of this everyday world. they teach you the importance of love and friendship. how grief and death can affect our lives and how personality and individuality isnt something you should hide. it teaches you that bullies are just afriad and have self esteem issues just like us that people can do the wrong things for the right reasons. anime made us vinglers more insightful and less likely to judge someone because theyre different.
anime fans are desensitized to many things, including the lack of pants
It really has given me a deeper understanding of things. Now I look at all angles in every situation and I search for depth instead of looking at the surface. I also do use more colorful vocabulary 馃榿 it has definitely improved my intelligence
@JustinDiaz I believe your words have spoken for many otaku. We are a family, friends, comrades. Regardless if other peopIe don't comprehend what impact anime made in our lifes, we are not them and we shall not judge anyone. People of all ages and all ethnic groups have been brought together for those "Cartoons". OTAKU FOREVER TOGETHER! I'm sorry I got sentimental.馃槀馃槀
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