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So this week I'm taking the time to introduce each member of Ikon to those who would like to learn more about Ikon if you missed the other ones the links are below http://www.vingle.net/posts/1551832?shsrc=v http://www.vingle.net/posts/1553573?shsrc=v http://www.vingle.net/posts/1556045?shsrc=v http://www.vingle.net/posts/1557397?shsrc=v http://www.vingle.net/posts/1560404?shsrc=v
Real name: Koo Junhoe (Junhwe) Goes by: June ( sounds like Ju-ne), Junhoe ( still pronounced the same) Nickname: Jun, Sassy maknae Position: Vocal Birthday: March 31, 1997 Age: 19 ( international age) Height: 5'11" Motto: To be realistic at all time.
He has said his facial expressions reflect on how he truly feels because he can't control it well. He is a very huge fan of Michael Jackson and one of his treasured items is a Mj Cd. He has a very powerful voice ( Which made me fall for him!) He attended an all boys school so he never really got close to any girls. The only pants he used to own were ones Donghyuk gave him form Christmas. Yg once said he has a personality like Park Bom's.
When he gets nervous he is the type of person who needs to watch his mouth according to him and Tablo. He said he is awkward with everyone during the day, but isn't at night. ( He would rather be up at night) He can't cook unless it's ramen. He once dropped his phone in the toilet, but it worked when he pulled it out so he washed it with soap and water thinking it was waterproof so he broke his phone. June is actually a softie and cries during movies he said he always cries when he watches You are my sunshine. He also said he will easily cry when singing a sad song.
Comes off as cold and manly, but he said he is more soft and if anyone is manly in ikon it would be Jinhwan. He is really close to Jinhwan, but he isn't the only member he is close to. He was the fourth member to Join Ikon.
my bias in ikon n this card reminded me of why lmfao junhoe it's okay I once jumped into the pool with my phone and swam for 3 hrs ewe and that phone was only 30 mins old
the way his name is pronounced still boggles me lol
junhoe you are my bias wrecker but you're too cute to be mad at
he's cute!!
@LinnyOk Yeah I always laugh about it and the video where they tell it is just the cutest ever. And it most definitely does it honestly what made me fall for him and my oldest Talks about June all the time even though her favorite is B.i
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