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Hello Z Warriors!

Sorry for the delay I've been busy this weekend but here is your DBZ Community Challenge this week!

Dragon Ball has some of the best story arcs in anime. Full of action and adventure with new enemies and even new heroes. Each saga is full of surprises with new powers and transformations constantly being revealed!
The challenge this week is which is your favorite? From Dragon Ball all the Way to Super and of course GT! From Red Ribbon all the way to the Universe Tournament and everything in between! Specifics are great but just saying Namek, Android or Majin works as well!

Mine you ask? Well I'm glad you did!

The Universe Tournament

Have you been keeping up on Dragon Ball Super? If not you're really missing out! It has been what Dragon Ball fans expect and more. The latest Saga just ended and it was something.

When the God of Destruction of Universe 6, Champa, comes to Universe 7 to challenge the God of Destruction, Beerus, more than sparks fly. Champa is blown away to find out that Universe 7's food is better than 6 but what is the delicacy that blew Champa's taste buds? Cup Ramen. That's right basic cup Ramen that takes only hot water to cook. Unfortunately for Champa universe 6's Earth (the only place to get cup ramen) has been destroyed due to a civil war. The only way to solve this issue is to challenge universe 7 in a 5 v 5 elimination tournament. The winner of the tournament will get to make a wish on the super Dragon Balls which is spread throughout universe 6 and 7.
This tournament had everything a Dragon Ball fan wanted. Action, comedy, great new villains and a new transformation. Every fight was exciting and every new character brought a new wonder. It's not the longest Saga Dragon Ball has but that's whats so good about it, it tells a great story in a short amount of time and really makes me look forward to the future of Dragon Ball Super!

The moments made me feel like a kid again watching Dragon Ball for the first time. IF you haven't seen it I highly recommend you go watch it!

So what do you all think?

What's your favorite Saga in the Dragon Ball series?

make your own card and let the Z Warriors know!

Thanks for reading Z warriors and don't forget to Rock the Dragon!


Android/Cell saga. The idea of keeping people from being absorbed to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to the Super Namekians to the Super Saiyans to Tien's epic Tri-Beam... I loved it. I've spent so much time theorizing and thinking and planning ideas and fanfictions about Future Trunks.
haven't watched super yet and I'm stuck between the cell saga and the buu saga but my favorite transformation is goku turning ssj3
also the controlled transformation made by vegeta then Gohan does it to beat vegeta this saga was the only one that I saw vegeta and goku to be equals cause in the new ones goku is always a step ahead and I'll take one thing back vegeta was actually stronger than goku in the saiyan saga
For me it was the saiyan saga seeing everyone get wrecked by Nappa was like these guys stand no chance it that short guy in the back jumps in and the when Goku made quick work of him I was like what, and then the battle between goku and vegeta kaioken the galick gun the spirit bomb krillin destructo disk that's when everyone main skill came into play and it all blew my mind and the greatest line was born IT'S OVER 9000
Sef not super, as cool as it is I'm not 10. Or that deprived for battle like literally every ever big anime, besides OP out there!! Let's adventure!! Haha DB hits home and DBZ with cell especially I think bc go ham and also Kid BUU bc vegeta admits for the first and "only time" That kakarot is better than him, he is the best!! Tears to my eyes.. Still got it on VHs!! That's true akiriyama style for what proco red battle anime for all us to currently watch!! So all Hail DB and DBZ through 84-95 that is haha.. Hey we're not that old lol
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