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hmn Namjoon, I guess it's better of to be friends
So happy, i love you Yoongi, ❤
before Namjoon and Yoongi me and jin shared a kiss, it was a few years back. I'm at my locker just getting my stuff when all of a sudden I'm turned and slam my back to the lockers. my eyes are widened, "Jin oppa what's wrong?" he didn't answer he leaned closer and he kissed me. i didn't kiss back, I'm still in schoked. then...
"gigi. I like you, ever since meeting you and talking to you i started having a crush on you." "I'm glad that you have feelings for me but the feelings i have are different. 미안해." "I'll be fine. I'm just relief that I let it out and confess." he smile and was leaving he stopped and said, "sorry about kissing you." he left.
one Saturday morning I wake up go to the kitchen and serve myself a bowl of cereal, I take a spoonful of cereal, at first it was good then I felt nasty that I wanted to throw it out, I ran to the bathroom, and threw up. hmm then I tought back my period hasn't come this past two weeks I thought it was behind but then I remember that I stayed at Yoongi's place one night. I ran to the drug store and bought a pregnancy test. i checked out the pregnancy test and it came out positive. we're still too young for this, we are in our early 20s. but I'm still happy that we are going to be parents. i called Yoongi I told him and he was excited that he came over at my place and hugged me.
don't hate me kookie. is it cause you're jealous?
i found an envelope inside my mailbox, no name nor address, i open it and it said, "if i can have you then no one can. so better prepare yourself." can this be Namjoon?
I'm shopping for baby clothes when i receive a call from Jin oppa "여보세요." "gigi better come quick." "왜요?" "Namjoon and Yoongi are at it." "뭐? 어디서?" he told me the location that i quickly left. I arrive and saw them fighting, I stopped both of them, I saw Yoongi with a cut lip and a bruise on his eye. "괜찮아?" Yoongi just noded. "what the hell Namjoon. where you the one that send me that note?" "it still not over." he said angrily and left. me and Yoongi left to the house. oh did i tell you we moved in together.
one night I was shopping at a near by place, I was craving for some snacks. Yoongi was working late so I came instead I didn't want to bother him. I was heading home, when all of a sudden someone covered my mouth and nose with something that made me black out. I open my eyes and there's only light on me everywhere was dark then I hear someone say "finally awake." i recognize the voice. "Namjoon? why are you doing this?" "I told you. if i can't have you then no one can." "please don't do this. if you really love please let me go. I'm having a baby." "i know that's what gets me mad, it was suppose to be with me." "I'm sorry I hurt you but our relationship wasn't even working and I stopped having feelings for you." "Shut up!" he punched the wall. I flinched, I cried.
then all of a sudden a car comes through the wall, i see Jin coming out and punching both Namjoon and Taehyun. he untie me, of relief I hugged him. i cried in his chest. "괜찮아?" he ask, i just noded. I got in the car and Jin drove me home. we arrive at the house, i see police cars and Yoongi, he sees me and runs towards me, i hugged him and cry once again. "I was so scared. but thank goodness that Jin oppa saved me before anything bad happen to me and the baby." i said. "고마워 형." Yoongi shook Jin's hand.
almost like two years pass I ended up marrying my cutie Yoongi ❤ 사랑해 윤기❤