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Guys im not stupid I know it won't change a thing but since I see so many of my fellow IGOT7 trying I have to share their cause. Please help My fellow IGOT7 and I by signing this petition. We need 1000 signatures and we are already at 300 plus. So Please spear a couple seconds to help a follow kpop fan in need of a little hope!

THANK YOU!!! IGOT7 FIGHTING! I know its hard that some of us couldn't get tickets while other websites sell it now for 3 times the amount but please keep your hopes up!! (•̀ᴗ•́)و

@JaxomB right even if it doesnt affect this one maybe next time they come they can plan for a bigger venue so more IGOT7 can watch their performance!!
Atlanta is the same way....2750 seats and sold out in minutes. I also look at this for the future....Let them know that there were thousands of other Got7 fans that wanted to see their show and couldn't get tickets. Maybe have 2 concerts in each city next time.
I had made a comment on a GOT7 site that maybe tweeting would help....nothing negative....and got blasted for it. I thought why not say...."Congrats GOT7 for selling out Atlanta. Please consider having a 2nd concert."
@JaxomB yeah thats not rude but people get offended so easily