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So I wanted to get the p1 tickets but that didn't happen . I signed into the website around 9:15 and the waiting room opened around 9:30. I waited forever for my turn,finally around 10:20 it was my turn. I was sooo excited . Then immediately got sad when it said no tickets available. I then tried for p2 and p3 and nope that didn't work either. well need less to say like many other people I didn't get to get the ones I wanted but I am going anyway. I'm very happy for everyone that did get tickets today even if it wasn't the ones we wanted at least we will be there to support our wonderful boys. I hope everyone gets great pictures and videos. Now I just have to figure out how to get a light stick.
I'm gonna be honest, I wasn't even able to get a ticket. At least your able to be there! 😭 have fun for me! 😒
same thing happen to me
I'm glad you got a ticket. We were on starting at 9:30 am for ticketmaster and couldn't get anything.
@lilbr0wneyes Here is a group that will be ordering the light sticks shipping varies depending on how many people join but the light sticks will cost around 25
@luna1171 @AaliyahNewbell yes I'm glad it will still be amazing the venue is smaller so it will be good.
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