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Hey you guys I've been gone for a while I'm sorry!! I've been really sad and busy lately due to the fact that I'm graduating. But I'll post some makeup stuff I've done lately.

Lolita Makeup

I really loved this makeup I was really sad to take it off afterwards.

Naruto- Choji

I decided to bring back my favorite person to cosplay. So I did a makeup thing for him.

Chat Noir from The Miraculous Ladybug

I haven't gotten into this show yet but I really wanted to do some type of thing for him. I was very successful.
And just because I had the mask left over on my face I did that one kid from the Incredibles bc I look so much like him.
I hope you enjoy!!! I'm hoping soon I'll post the next few chapter I wrote of my fanfic soon because I feel bad for not updating it in a while. To make up for my late update on my fanfic you get makeup photos. ;)
OMG. This is amazing. My favorite is the first one and the doll eyes are so cute!
hahaha yes!!! The last one is perfect! Syndrome!!!
Are you a male or a female?
@HairConfetti THANK YOU. It was my fav makeup ever
@CreeTheOtaku AHH thank you very much.
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