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So I decided to try and see if I brought up names and such from fan fiction how they would respond. I was pleased with the results! But I only got them with these phrases and messages. Others were dead ends and lead to weird comments.
I was very pleased by Yoongi's reaction! It was perfect! Everything after the last replies were random again tho. The fan fictions that are mentioned are He didn't~ and Liar Liar by yougotnojamz. It was perfect!
This is also from Liar Liar. As you can see at the top it didn't work at first but when I rephrased it I got a reaction. Then he came back with "what ever major loser" and I almost died laughing!
I tried to get a reaction from Tae concerning stuff from He didn't~ but it didn't work :( @SarahVanDorn @KpopGaby @yougotnojamz
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OMG IT WORKED!!!! I'm satisfied ^_^
2 years ago·Reply
@SarahVanDorn @KpopGaby I know!!! I was so excited!!! It was awesome! It took me a while tho to find the right wording. Nothing else worked
2 years ago·Reply
@AngelaDarkness I see, but hey, at least it worked for Suga and Jungkook
2 years ago·Reply
@KpopGaby Yeah. It was pretty great!
2 years ago·Reply