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Today I'm stepping in for @JiyongLeo because she's incredibly busy today. So I am happy to represent my VIXX bias today!! We're going to focus on him being a little cutie and a ray of sunshine when he drops his guard.

here's a few pictures of him lighting up the room around him.

you can't tell me that doesn't make you smile.

Here's a couple clips showing him being an aegyo master behind a mask, and then just smiling and socializing with the folks around him. He has such a beautiful personality and smile... Anyone suffering from Lesinset yet?

@Princess2425 agreed! he may be a bit shy at first, but some of that is what he is told by his company to do. he is really a social butterfly and a sweetheart. Why else do you think he lights up around animals and children? I wish the video was still available of him chillaxin and chatting and giggling with the fans and passing out meal boxes in the bleachers during 2016 ISAC
Can I be added to the tag list😁
The first time i went and looked at pictures of Vixx And saw Leo it was like tunnel vision (in a good way) and he is my Ultimate bias! I want to meet him someday just to say thank you for giving me strength to go on when i was ready to give up. This man is so freaking adorbale/cute/handsome/sexy! I think it was Hongbin who said that once you fall for Leo there is no going back 😂😊
@CristalTrujillo just let it happen. don't fight it. lol I gave up so long ago and he took over everything.
this is why thus man has completely destroyed my bias list! ❤
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