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Today I'm stepping in for @JiyongLeo because she's incredibly busy today. So I am happy to represent my VIXX bias today!! We're going to focus on him being a little cutie and a ray of sunshine when he drops his guard.

here's a few pictures of him lighting up the room around him.

you can't tell me that doesn't make you smile.

Here's a couple clips showing him being an aegyo master behind a mask, and then just smiling and socializing with the folks around him. He has such a beautiful personality and smile... Anyone suffering from Lesinset yet?

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@MandyNoona - Awesome! And yes he is! Since i got into Vixx around the chained up era i went back and saw how people were saying he was cold. Took one look at him and was like nope! He's a teddy bear. 🐻
@Princess2425 agreed! he may be a bit shy at first, but some of that is what he is told by his company to do. he is really a social butterfly and a sweetheart. Why else do you think he lights up around animals and children? I wish the video was still available of him chillaxin and chatting and giggling with the fans and passing out meal boxes in the bleachers during 2016 ISAC
Leo is SUPER CUTE!!! ❤️❤️❤️
this is why thus man has completely destroyed my bias list! ❤