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Hello everyone~ I hope your weekend has been amazing so far!

And now, I must say thank you to everyone who read the first chapter! I am glad you all like this series so far! I have so much fun writing this series and I have so many ideas it is unreal LOL. So...therefore, the second chapter came out very quickly! I hope you all enjoy it! XD
Missed the first chapter or need a recap? I gotchu fam~

Chapter 2 - Peacefully

"And then, the 2x represnts-"
As much as I tried to pay attention to my math class, it was no use. I kept on thinking about them. What is with their sudden interest in me? It's not like they have ever paid attention to me before. Just what do they want?
"And just what would the answer be...Hyun-Ae" the teacher said, bringing me back to reality.
"W-what?" I asked. The class started to laugh. I turned red.
"Please pay attention Hyun-Ae, this is going to be on your next exam," He said while smiling.
"N-ne~" I whispered.
After that, I was trying to be fully focused on the lesson. It was so hard though because math is...math...
Luckily, the time seemed to fly, and class was over before I knew it. I slowly gathered my things and headed out the door.
I sighed in relief. Well, thank heavens I only have one class left. I started walking to my next class when I heard my name.
"Hyun-Ae~~" Shocked, I turned around to see someone running towards me. Panicking and not knowing how to react, I started to run away.
"HYUN-AE~!" He continued to scream. I kept on running. Go away!
I was not fast enough however, as I felt him grab my wrist, pulling me to a halt. I turned around to see that the loud voice had belonged to J-Hope.
"Y-yah," He said breathless. "Y-you...are....fast," He gasped in between breaths.
I froze in my spot. I tried to break away from his grasp but he was too strong. Instead, I resorted to pulling him with me, seeing as he was tired, it was easy to move him. I started moving one heavy step at a time and I made it about five steps before I felt him fall on the ground, causing me to stop.
"Haij...Haijima..." He said breathless, still not letting go of my wrist. As I stood there with him, I noticed that people were looking at us. I started to turn red at the situation. Aish...what do I do?
He then looked up at me.
"Good, now that I have your attention," He said, "I wanted to talk with you." I looked at him, blank. Geez, what now?
"I want to apologize for Suga earlier," He said, looking back down. "He is a nice guy, he just has a way with words that makes him seem more curt than he is. Sorry for the way he talked to you," he said, smiling up at me. I just looked at him speechless. He chased me down...for that?!
He slowly got up, not releasing his grasp. "Is there anyway I can make it up to you?" He asked. I quickly shook my head no.
He started laughing. "Ok... you aren't very talkative are you?"
I just gave him a small smile in response. He seems like an okay guy, but I still want to keep my distance.
"Well, that was all I wanted to say. So...you can go back to whatever you were doing," He said, letting go of my wrist, starting to walk away.
"T-Thank you," I whispered. He turned back around and gave a small wave. I quickly bowed towards him before he turned back around.
Numb, I started walking to my last class. I was able to make it on time but similar to the last one, I could not help but continually process what had just happened. What the hell is wrong with those guys? I mean yes, it was nice to apologize but heavens. Once is enough!
Barely paying attention, class passed by in the blink of an eye. I grabbed my things and cautiously headed to the door. I peeked around outside and I, luckily, saw none of them. I then quickly rushed over to my dorm room, avoiding everyone. I reached my door and after unlocking it, I made it inside, closing it behind me.
I dropped my backpack and practically collapsed on my bed. I laid there while staring up at the ceiling, blank. My mind could not help but wander towards everything that happened today. I started to squirm in my bed. Just let me live peacefully for the rest of my life...
Deciding that I was going to get nothing done, I decided to take a nap, hoping to pass out from this exhausting day. I reached for my phone and set an alarm for 8 pm. After I placed it on my desk, I crawled into my covers and slowly drifted to sleep...
I woke up to the sound of screaming outside of my door.
Disgruntled, I started to reach for my phone. I found it and saw that the time was 10 pm. Wow, I guess not even Jace could wake me up...
"How can you do this to me?!" the yelling continued. Who is arguing at this hour?
I climbed out of my bed and headed towards my door. Maybe I should head out and see what is happening...
"How can you cheat on me?!" Nevermind...
I pressed my ear up against the door.
"Well, he is a way better person than you! You treated me like I was nothing!"
"That is a lie! I love you! I thought that you could maybe even be the one!" Is...that a man's voice?
"Well, its too late Taehyung, we are over," Taehyung? As in THE Taehyung?
"No, please, don't do this babe," I could hear him plead. Dear heavens. I thought it was the other way around - like he usually broke up with girls. Poor guy...
"Leave me alone, Taehyung. I don't want to ever see your face again."
"Wait...BABE!" I heard a door slam. Oh my...
I heard him sigh and walk away. I thought he was gone but to my surprise I heard him slowly fall on the ground next to my door. I leaned closer but I couldn't hear anything.
S-Should I do something? Like give him a snack? Or g-g-give him a hug? No...anything but that.
I started to look around my room for something when I suddenly remembered that I had a strawberry milk that I was going to drink earlier that I forgot about. I headed over to my backpack, grabbed it, and headed back towards the door.
Should I step outside and give it to him? Or can I just do it through the crack?
I slowly opened the door and noticed that he was still there. I saw him glance up as I opened it. I only had it open a crack but I could see that he had been crying.
"Enjoy the show?" He said, in between his sniffling.
I opened up the door a little bit more so I could fit my hand through and I handed him the milk.
"What's this?" He asked. Instead of answering I shook the milk at him, hopefully motioning for him to take it.
After a minute, he took the milk from me and I quickly closed the door.
"Sorry you had to hear that," He said.
"I-it's ok. I-it's not your fault," I responded.
"Thanks for the milk," He said. I smiled as he thanked me. Well, I am glad I could do something.
"N-no problem," I responded. How long is he going to be there? Should I-
"It's Hyun-Ae right?" I heard him say. I froze at his question. How did...what the...
"I saw your pink hoodie from earlier today through the crack, so I thought it was you," He added on, still sniffling. My heart started beating like crazy. W-what do I say? I am never mentally equipped for these situations.
"Y-yes...i-it's H-Hyun-Ae..." I responded.
"Ok, well Hyun-Ae, thank you for being nice. It really means a lot," He said.
"WHO'S THERE?!" I jumped at the sudden scream down the hall. I looked down at the time. It was 10:15, when there were hall-sweeps in our dorm to make sure we were in our rooms and that there were no boys left in our dorm after 10.
Oh no what if he gets caught? Crap...crap... what do I do?
Suddenly, I thought of something.
I quickly opened my door and to my surprise he was still sitting there. I quickly grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him inside my room, closing the doors behind us. I looked through my peephole in my door to see a light shining down my hall.
"What are you-"
"Quiet!" I whispered.
She continued to walk down the hall, looking back and forth. She came up to every door making sure to not see any lights in the room or to hear any noises. She then came up to our room.
"What is-"
I quickly covered Taehyung's mouth with my hand, giving him a look telling him to be quiet. I moved away from the peephole to see that she was shining the light under my door.
After a minute, the light disappeared. I went back and looked and saw that she had continued down the hallway. I sighed in relief.
"What was that?" he asked after it was all over.
"I-it was the lady who comes and searches our dorms, making sure we are in bed by 10:15 and that there are no boys left in our dorm," I told him. So, you are lucky I saved your butt.
"Oh," He said. I looked over at him to see that he was drinking the milk I gave him.
"Thank you again," he said.
"Y-You're welcome," I responded.
"So...when can I leave?" he asked. I looked at him and it suddenly hit me.
He can't leave. They lock up the doors after doing the check and they don't open until the morning. Crap. I totally forgot about that when I pulled him in.
"Y-you can't," I whispered. He looked at me in shock.
"I can't?" He repeated.
"Y-yeah. They lock all the doors after this and they don't open until 5," I answered.
"S-so I have to stay here tonight?" He asked. Damn it, do I have to spell everything out? This is embarrassing enough, making me say it is enough to make me pass out.
"N-Ne," I said. The room suddenly went into silence.
I walked back over to my bed and started taking off the blankets on top and making a makeshift bed on the floor.
"What are you doing?" He asked.
"M-Making you a bed," I responded. This was the absolute LAST thing I was expecting tonight. Like, how the hell did this all happen?
"Actually..." I heard him say. I turned over and looked at him. "Can I not sleep on the floor? It hurts my back," he said. I had to hold back a laugh. Ok your highness...
"O-ok, I can sleep -"
"No, you can sleep in your bed," He said. I was suddenly confused. What was he saying? Where is he going to sle- Oh HELL no. He is NOT sleeping with me.
"Y-you...a-are...n-not..." I started to say.
"Please Hyun-Ae? I can't sleep at night unless I have someone by me," he said. What the...well...that would explain his reputation...
"Come on, I will owe you one! Please? I won't bug you I promise. You can even put a pillow barrier up if you want," I sighed. Wow does he sound desperate. Damn it...damn it...
"O-ok fine..." I answered.
He suddenly hugged me, and I startled, accidentally punched him. He stepped back, holding his stomach.
"Oh my god! That hurt!" He said. I quietly laughed at his remark. I didn't even hit that hard.
"D-dont laugh!" He responded.
"I-I didn't" I said nonchalantly.
"Y-yes you did! I heard you," He retorted. Ignoring his comment I climbed into my bed and started to make a barrier. What a baby...
After making the barrier, I motioned for him to climb into my bed. He slowly walked over and fell down on my bed. We both laid there for a minute before he said something.
"You are different than I thought you would be Hyun-Ae," he said, catching me off-guard.
"W-why?" I asked.
"I thought that you would be cold and mean but you are actually a really nice person."
I started to turn red at his comment.
"Thank you for comforting me and saving me back there too. It means a lot to me after everything that just happened. Usually I would just go back to our dorm and sleep with Jungk-" he stopped himself short. He sleeps with Jungkook...This is getting funnier by the minute.
"Don't tell anyone I told you that..." Taehyung said, quickly trying to cover up his mistake.
I only giggled in response. Who would I tell anyways? I don't have any friends...
"Stop laughing~" he whinned.
After I calmed down, we both just continued to lay in my bed. As I was slowly drifting away, I heard him say one last thing, making me feel important to someone for the first time in a long time.
"Thank you for being the one on the other side of this door Hyun-Ae. Thank you."

Omo! Ending with that? How mean I know~

Now that Hyun-Ae has met six out of the seven boys, what will become of their encounters? And has she finally started to open up a little more? We shall find out soon enough! :3
Thank you all for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it! Make sure to like or leave a comment below on what you thought about this chapter! Love you guys! XD
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