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Me and my friend got hi-touch and I'm so excited!! Let me know if you're going so we have people to hang out with Also if there are any group chats for ATL(line or kkt) let me know!!!
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@ilyworldfaetlc ahh hopefully more will be up soon!! a lot of times ticketmaster will release more tickets or people resell them!! good luck ❤❤
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I couldn't get tickets either......but Congrats!
2 years ago·Reply
@JaxomB thank youu ahhhh im sorry :((
2 years ago·Reply
Did they sell out? Cause I wasn't even able to around 11:40 am
2 years ago·Reply
@ilyworldfaetlc yeah they sold out pretty quickly but the site was also messing up for a loooot of people with the $215 tickets ;__; i would check in like a week to see if people are reselling their tickets!!
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