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안녕하세요, Julie 에요. 반가워요! ㅋㅋ Hey, what's up guys!? My name's Julie! Nice to meet you!! I'm kinda new to Vingle and just wanted to introduction of myself to y'all ;)
Just to give a brief introduction of myself, Hi! Once again my name is Julie^^ I am just another and one of those fan who love and enjoy listening to Kpop. My bias group is BTS, JIMIN is my Ultimate Bias <3 hehe. Again, I'm new to Vingle so pls bare with me >.< I will be posting and try to post as much stuff as possible such as updates/ [mostly] BTS trash>_< / fan girling (of course ;))) / etc. So pls look out for me in the future!! I have posted some stuff on my other collections! Pls check them out also! :3 [Don't forget to like/clip/follow for more!! ;D hehe] Please don't be shy or hesitate~ feel free and message me anytime ^_^ Let's be friends!!
Comment down below which kpop group you like and support?? Plus whose your Bias and/or bias wrecker!! Where u at fellow ARMIES?!! \(^o^)/
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Welcome to the Vingle family, my favorite groups are BTS and EXO and my ultimate bias is BTS's V
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@kpopandkimchi Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much!!! Hehe😄😄
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@KendraReeve Thank you!! 😊
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@imawhalien52 your welcome
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