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My brother 17 year-old brother Griffin got to play on a major league baseball field last week, and it was incredible.
I didn't get to go see him, as he's in Ohio and I'm in San Francisco, but I definitely admire him. I always wanted to play on a major league field. When I was playing softball in high school, and before that I secretly always wanted to be on the other field, playing baseball with the boys.
If you've been following me on Vingle you know that baseball is my favorite sport, it always has been. I love the game, it's America's pass time after all.
I hope you guys enjoy the video of Griff hitting his triple. It ended up being the tying run vs. my high school's rivals. To do something like that on a major league field, and then go on to win the game is the stuff of dreams.
Congratulations to Griff and his entire team! '

Hey sports does his swing look?

I like how he hit to the opposite side of the field. Great technique!
@TessStevens I bet you are!
thats so cool!! i have always wanted to play some type of sport but cant so i think ur brother is really cool. where he hit it was a great place.
swing looks good
He's awesome. Big star
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