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Part 5:
Friday Night:
Thank goodness, I don't know how I made it through the week. School is going to kill me, if hell exists, when I die I'll have to go there everyday, no breaks.... I better live the longest life ever if that's my future.
"Hey, Y/N, I have to go visit my dad in Ulsan for a few days. Meaning I'm gonna be gone al weekend and through the week."
"You're leaving me?" I questioned Alex through the phone. Sitting up in my bed. It's only 10 pm.
"Sorry, but since you and 'Mister Party Guy' are cool now, you can hang out with him. Maybe even get together finally, you know just for my sake."
"Alex, we go through this every time, I don't like him and I never will. He's just a comfortable person to be around. And his name is Yoongi."
"You've never been in love, so I understand how you haven't realized yet. You should probably start watching some dramas, for future reference. Not that I doubt this will last, but just in case you crush my dreams of you living happily with your first love and break up just to find someone else and-"
"I get it." I cut her off before she got too far ahead of herself. Not that she hasn't already. "Look, not that I think it will happen but just in case you're right and we do get together, it better last. I'm not gonna have to go through some break up and end up like one of those stereotype characters in your dramas. You know, having my heart all broken, crying all the time, and regretting life. No way am-"
"I get it, Y/N." she muttered. "Is this what it's like listening to me? If so I'm so sorry."
"Apology accepted."
"Anyways, I gotta go and finish packing. When I get back, I want results. I'm rooting for
Yoongi. "
"Whatever, bye." I hung up plopping back down on my bed. "What am I going to do now?"
As if on cue I got a call. I answered without checking to see who it was, anyone would do at this point. "Hello."
"Y/N? It's Yoongi, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out over the weekend?"
"Sure, I got nothing else. What do you wanna do?"
"I thought we could come up with something when we meet up..."
"Sure, where should we meet up?"
"There's a little convenience store a few blocks from the school, it's the only one there, you cant miss it."
"Okay, 9 work for you?"
"In the morning?"
"Duh, why would we meet up at night?"
"Why so early? Are you excited to see me?"
"No and its not that early."
"For someone like me, anything before noon is early. I need my sleep."
"Wow... what's the word for someone who doesn't do anything? Lazy?? Yep, you're lazy."
"No, I just have too much swag and it gets tiring especially when you always wanna talk."
"Is there anything else to do at school?"
"You still there?"
"We're meeting at 11. That work for you?"
"Is that the latest I'll get?"
"Yep, take it or leave it."
"Fine... how dare you change my sleeping habits."
"Why do you have such weird sleeping habits anyways?"
"I'm a hard worker when I want to be, and I forget the time until my alarm for school goes off and I still haven't slept."
"I feel sorry for your future wife, having to deal with your weird sense of time."
"Don't feel sorry for yourself, babe." he emphasized the last word.
"I'm done, goodnight."
"Nooo! Don't hang up ba-"
I hung up before he could finish. I better get my shower so I can sleep in longer tomorrow. I wonder what we're gonna do?
~Skillet - The Last Night~
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