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Ello mates!

School uniforms in Korea is very popular and pretty! We probably always wanted to wear them right? We see our favorite idols wearing them either for a drama or a CF. Here are some female Idols before and after debut pictures with school uniforms!

AOA - ChoA ♡

APink - Eunji ♡

KARA - Hara

Girl's Day - Hyeri ♡

Sistar - Hyorin ♡

IU ♡

Rainbow - Jaekyung ♡

Lee Hyori ♡

After School - Nana ♡

Girl's Generation - Seohyun♡

AOA - Seolhyun ♡

MissA - Suzy ♡

GFriend - Yerin♡

Girl's Generation - YoonA ♡

4minute - HyunA ♡

Before and after they all look pretty :)

Linku: (Credit to Allkpop) *Kpopint does not own any of these photos.

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Eunji was so cute ❤️❤️❤️
I love Suzy's hahahahha
hyeri and hyuna look flawless!!
IU has been cute for always
choa reminds me to park shin hye..