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Ah, Y/N-sshi, come in” Jaebum let you in after having knocked on the front door of the dorm. “Thank you oppa” you said smiling at him. You were here to help Bambam study, not that he was any good at it. He was always distracted. But alas, he had exams coming up and if he passed, he’d be set for graduation. Seeing as you were top of your class when you graduated, he felt inclined to ask you for help. You walked through the messy dorm to find all the members, including Bambam, crowded on the couch playing video games. A mess of “Awwwww!!!!” and “Woooo!” and “Dammit!” echoed through the room as the current game ended.
When Jaebum cleared his throat to announce your arrival, all the boys turned slowly before quickly realizing they had a guest. “Ah, hello, Y/N-ah” they said bowing, casually greeting you. “Guess you gotta go study now, Bambam” Yugyeom said, patting him on the back to get up. “Ughhhhh” he groaned, “Hello Y/N-ah! Thanks for coming” he said giving you a hug. You lightly hugged him back and looked around, “So where do you wanna start studying?” “Ah, my stuff and desk is in our room so we can just go there” he said, leading the way. You glanced over at the members. Is it not a little weird and inappropriate to casually have a girl in your room? Is it just me? Am I just really old-fashioned? you thought as you mindlessly followed him into the room. He shut the door behind you and motioned for you to sit at the desk, where two chairs sat side by side.
“Thank you” you said as you straightened out your skirt and sat on the chair, slowly looking around at the room, “Wow… a disco ball… really?” you asked, laughing at the room décor. “Hey, Yugyeom and I can’t sleep without it on!” “Yeah yeah. Okay, let’s get started then” you said, instructing him to get out his math homework.
You were able to make it about 45 minutes actually teaching him how to solve the problems correctly and efficiently before he started getting distracted and began goofing off. He would hold the pencil above his lips and under his nose, making a kissy face and crossing his eyes until you looked at him. “Yah, Bambam, focus!” “I caaaaaan’t, it’s just too much work” “Bambam, I didn’t come over for you to mess around!” “Y/N-ah, let’s just take a quick break, pleaseeeee” “No. Not until you finish these last few problems” He groaned but went back to his work anyway.
He was on his last problem when his mind began wandering somewhere else. He noticed how your skirt was just the right length so that it wasn’t too short but wasn’t so long that it was conservative. Taking note of how smooth your legs looked, he put his hand on your knee as he groaned in frustration at the last problem. You didn’t think much of it and let him keep his hand there. While the other hand combed through his hair, pencil still in hand, his fingers on the other hand drummed against your knee as he thought carefully about the answer.
As he slowly figured out how to solve the problem, his other hand began creeping up your leg. But he did so in such small motions that you barely noticed. As he neared the end of the problem, he began moving his hand higher up closer to your inner thigh. “B-Bambam, w-what’re you doing?” you asked as you put your hand on his to stop him. “What do you mean?” he looked at you innocently, throwing you off guard. “Just—just finish the problem” you stammered, pushing his hand aside. Truthfully, as he had gone up, you began feeling a little tense between your legs. For some reason, your body began to crave his touch.
Soon enough, he began putting his hand on your thigh again, inching closer to your center as he wrote the last digits to the answer of the problem. He turned to you as he tossed the pencil aside, “so we can take a break now right?” he asked, as he turned your chair towards him. “W-what—I—“ “You said, I could take a break after I finished these problems. I finished them, so I think I’ve earned my break” he smirked as his hands pushed your skirt up. You put your hands down onto your lap and held down your skirt, “Bambam! W-we can’t do this!” “And why not?” he asked, kissing your cheek and jawline. “Because! Y-your members! They’re out there!” “So? They’re out there and we’re in here… nice observation” he winked, “guess this means you’re just gonna have to be a little quieter” he said as he pulled you up from the chair and gently tossed you onto the bed. He hiked your skirt up completely so that he had a clear view of your lower half.
He hovered over your body as his fingers danced along your inner thighs. He bit his lip as he looked down at you. “I just wanted to give you a little thank you gift for coming over to help me study” he smirked. He then placed his fingers over your heat, rubbing you down. “Eyyy, so wet already? You must’ve been having some dirty thoughts yourself, watching me study” he grinned. Truthfully, you hadn’t, but as soon as he had touched you the first time, it sent your body into a frenzy. His touch sent pleasuring chills throughout your entire body.
You gasped as he pushed your underwear aside and stuck two fingers inside you. You bit your lip, arching your back, pushing his fingers deeper into you. As he did so, he pushed the hem of your blouse up so that he had a nice view of your red bra. “Ohooooo, so scandalous” he winked as he unclasped it and pushed it up to reveal your boobs. He leaned over your chest and began licking and teasing your nipple with the tip of his tongue as he pumped his fingers into your core. As he moved onto your other breast his free hand roughly kneaded your other breast causing you to moan his name loudly. He looked up at you, a glare forming in his eyes. He immediately pulled both his fingers out of you and went up to your face. “I thought we agreed you’d have to be quieter” he said, his eyes dark with lust, “should we continue studying and end our break?” “No, Bambam, please. I’m sorry. I’ll be quiet, I promise” you pleaded. He already had you so turned on, how could he do this to you? “Alright then” he smirked.
He plunged three fingers into you this time, returning to your breast, kneading one and licking the other. He began pumping his fingers faster, watching your face twist as you tried not to make a sound. He knew you were reaching your peak so he pumped vigorously. You felt your climax coming close and as much as you wanted to obey Bambam, you couldn’t help but moan his name loudly again as you came. He pulled his fingers out of you and licked his fingers as you watched him. “Yah, didn’t I tell you to be quiet? Next study session, I’m gonna have to punish you for that” he smirked devilishly.
As you put your clothes back on and made yourself presentable again, you found yourself quiet parched. “Can I get some water?” you asked him before resuming the studying. “Yeah, sure” he said getting up, telling you to follow him as he led you into the kitchen. As you walked out, you prayed the guys hadn’t heard you seeing as they were literally just a room away. You walked out and none of them even so much as glanced at you. Guess I’m in the clear, you sighed with relief. As Bambam poured a glass of water for each of you, Jackson suddenly spoke up from across the room. “How’s studying going? Are you doing a lot yelling at Bambam lately, Y/N-ah? Sounded like it got pretty heated in there” he winked. While the other members, tried to keep a straight face, it just wasn’t happening. They all burst into laughter and started crying from laughing so hard. “Didn’t know math problems were so invigorating nowadays” Jinyoung winked at the group. “I don’t remember loving tutoring my brother that much” Mark chimed in. You blushed and hid your face while sneaking a glance at Bambam who wasn’t so much as embarrassed that they knew what you two had really done in there, but that they heard you moaning his name. “Looks like you’re doing it right, Bambam” Jaebum walked into the kitchen, clamping a hand on his shoulder, “… the math problems, I mean” he winked at the two of you.


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