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My Drawings, thoughts?

Yuichiro from Owari no Seraph I just got done drawing this yesterday. I used a black ink pen on this one. I want to know what you all think and I'm not afraid of some constructive criticism.
Eren from Attack on Titan This is a drawing I did in school last year. I used charcoal. Let me know what you think about this one also.
Tagging some peeps: @kazam98 @shagnasty360 @MandaLin @mufasapetersen @SAMURXAI I wasn't sure who wanted to be tagged so let me know if I missed you or if you don't want to be tagged in stuff like this
@JessicaFerrier you're welcome!
@KennyMcCormick thank you
Oh my God! Those drawings are really good!
@JessicaFerrier whoa whoa whoa! I did it okay! I did it. No need to threaten me 😜
@JessicaFerrier haha we will see
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