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Are you all sleeping~? Not yet? Im in Japan now since I have a concert tomorrow. Maybe you knew~?^^ I laid down to sleep but I thought of you all so I came to write something. Does everyone know? Its already May 1.. time sure is fast right? Time flows in the moments I feel it and in the times I look back. When I write something .. and even when you read this time is flowing.. I think I worry a lot about.. how to spend this precious time happily with you all. Even though that answer is different for everyone.. I cant help but think.. lets be happy and leave something behind. Since debuting, while meeting you all and receiving your love, youve left so many memories in my thoughts and heart. And I was happy! Of course there were many times that were disappointing, upsetting and aggravating, when I acted out of bitterness, and times I cried.. this seems to be life and I think theres lessons to be learned and happiness in all that. I want to leave behind good music and performances in your thoughts, your hearts, and in your ears. Thats why I want to be a part of your happiness and repay your love and support. Sometimes Im lacking and am scared that I might bring you all disappointment, but no matter what Ill always act while thinking about having to repay you all with good music and performances and show you results. Its true that sometimes one can feel like theyre going crazy because theyre hurt and frustrated by results and responses what I felt once again with Dynamite is that we still receive so much love from you all and that making these memories, standing on stage, even receiving trophies, this is happiness and that I shouldnt miss out on these moments^^ Im being too serious huh.. ㅋㅋㅋ Im especially serious today Nothing happened so dont misunderstand^^ Our performance will be on Inkigayo tomorrow so please watch it!!! Then Ill sleep now~ good night!!!

Ravi....you are such a sweetie ♥️♥️♥️ ㅠㅠ Dont worry, we all have those days when we just want to have some serious talk! It doesnt matter how many awards you all win or how popular you are, as long as you all are happy and enjoying yourselves. Alright Sweetheart? ♥️♥️ Does anyone else want to cry????

Bonus Message From Hyukkie!

This is VIXXs youngest Hyuk!! Its been a while since I wrote in the fancafe!! Everyone was doing well right~? ㅎㅎ Ive been very healthy and well!! First, coming from someone who always receives so much strength and love from Starlights, thank you so much for once again giving us such a great gift today ㅠㅠ!! Since this album was a new challenge, appropriate enough to call an adventure, we wanted even more to meet your expectations so the award we got for Dynamite, that the member hyungs and I worked so hard on, feels so different! Its the feeling of getting a stamp for doing well on new homework? ㅎㅎ Anyway thank you again for letting us hold this great award today, well work hard to become a VIXX and a Hyuk that returns your support!! Its something I always feel but you all are truly such a big source of strength and motivation for me!! Ill keep running until the day our Starlights are at the top and can shine without feeling envious of others!! Thank you once again and I love you ㅎㅎ Good night byeit
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@Choijiah yeah me too. It gives me the feels...😊
@Choijiah Who doesn't :D I love it too!!
I love it when they connect with us.
it's to adorable I'm gonna cry
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