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Okay, where was this guy when I was constantly stuck waiting a hundred years for the D train every day for the past 4 years?!

Thomas C. Knox, with a table, some flowers, and Connect Four, just made my day.

He noticed that people don't really talk on the subway platform, to the point where people genuinely try to avoid standing too close to each other (New Yorkers, you know its true) and he just didn't get that.

So, he started the Date While You Wait project, getting people to have fun, be social, and talk to each other a little more.

It's so fun to watch and I would TOTALLY sit down if I saw him!

Who else thinks this is awesome?!

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This would make the subway experience 10 times better!
@EmilyPeacock right?! when i saw connect four i was like COUNT ME IN
I wrote about this last summer, I literally looked for him in the train station all last summer lol
I would definitely join him for c4
yes pretty cool.. makes me miss my hometown long beach, ny