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All dogs deserve love, especially shelter dogs :)

Photographer Tammy Swarek started the Shelter Pets Project, where she dresses up rescue dogs to help draw attention to their stories.

Swarek’s efforts are making a big difference in these puppies' lives, and so far 12 of the featured dogs have been either adopted, fostered, or are about to be adopted, pending application approval.

"Photography, making a difference!" Swarek exclaimed on Facebook.

"Adoption rates are skyrocketing on the photographed animals. I highly encourage every photographer to get involved in this much needed area."

Who else loves rescue pups?

Check out more on this project on her website right HERE!
This is adorable ❤️
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amazing idea! makes me want to adopt them all!!!!
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omg that's freaking adorable!!!!
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these are pretty funny and amazing
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