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10. Unexpected visit.

( I Can't get you off my mind.)

Mark just has put his phone down before going to sleep. He went through  all of Jackson's  messages.. including the last one he sent, he saw it again..

Jacks: I MISS YOU. 

He saw it before putting the phone on his night table, together with a picture of both of them taken on their day out before Jackson left to Korea. He turned the lights off and sets to sleep.

8:30 am

Buzz Buzzz Buzzz JYP looks at the call and puts it down again, putting his head under the pillow. .
"Who's is calling me at this time?"
Buzzz Buzzz Buzz, he looks at the number again not recognizing  it.. 
hes about to put it down again when something hits him.

"Wait?!.. is from Taiwan?!"

" Hello?!, Hello?! Mark is that you?!

A  deep soft voice that he can faintly hears  from the other side.

"Yes... it's me Mark" 

"I am sorry Mark I was sleeping  and couldn't  recognized your number.. sorry about that I honestly haven't saved  your name on it ..I will do that right now"

"I sorry about that I didn't mean to wake you up "

"No man ok I've  been waiting for your call. You haven't taken my secretary calls for how long?  like three months?.. I was about to send someone  to Taiwan to find  you before  my boy here gets sick  or go crazy you know?"

Marks let's out a small  laugh..
"He won't die by not talking to me in few moths?"

"What?!! Are you crazy Mark?! he can hardly take himself to work this is affecting him I am afraid  he would just leave to find you, he doesn't know if you're dead or alive..put yourself in that position before talking.." 

" I guess you are right I didn't  think of all that I thought  he would be fine"

"Hey man!? did you decide already is that why you're  calling me?.. if you are coming  you have to be here like NOW! only have two months to get ready.."

" Yes I know.."
"I will set you up for this weekend ok, I will send  you all  the flight info later on the day"

"Sir.. that's not necessary.. I'll be in Seoul in few hours today"

"Even better.. what time you'll  be here? so I can send for you to  the airport and take you to the dorms"

"My flight is at 4 pm I'll be at Incheon  airport 6 to 7 pm depending on how the flight  goes"

"ok someone I'll be there at 6 pm waiting for you ok.."

" ok..  aah sir.. please don't tell Jackson I want to surprise  him"

"The hell of a surprise he will get hahaha.. he will be so hyped up. . he will be himself again"

" haha"

"Thanks for reconsidering  the offer I knew you would  come around and I see you when you get here.."


Mark puts his phone down with a smile on his face.. he can't  wait to see Jackson .. he hasn't  seen him in such a long time.. and the memory of their last time  together was still fresh on his mind.. he desire to be with him very much.. He sets off to pack his things  and leave to the airport. He doesn't have much just his clothes his tablet and phone and few things he bought. He  places  the tablet and phone in his backpack, the things he bought in his carry-on. 
the taxi he called is already  out side waiting for him .. he  closes the villa and get in the car. Is 11 am, the airport is about an hour from where  he is, if there is no traffic. He gets there on time he still has time for any last minute shopping, but he just walk it out and eat something, listening to some music. He is anticipating Jackson's reaction and thinking g of what they would do when they see each other again.. He can't believe he will see him in a few hours. 
Is already 2 pm so he goes and check it  and waits at the sitting area by the gate.

4 pm.

" passengers with the destination to Seoul Incheon International Airport  please aboard the aircraft through  gate B1"

At the Dorms..

Jackson is on a dazed again same way he has spend the days lately.. depressed, not wanting to do anything he practices because he has to do it but, he is so out of it that they have to repeat  moves few times because of his out of focus. For couple of weeks now, he has been going to some bar close to the studio at least  once a week may be twice..sometimes after  practice and some times he just feel like going any given day for a drink at night  when he is feeling lonely and starts thinking about Mark and everything  that's going on.

4:30 pm

Jackson  doesn't want to be in  4 close walls, he feels like he is going to go insane any minute now.  He grabs  a leather jacket  and heads out.

" I am out be back later"  he tells Jinyoung as he pass through  the kitchen.
"Hey, where are you going?"

"I am be at the bar by the studio  I need a drink"

Jinyoung nods and just  says ...

"Ok, Just be careful  don't get drunk, call me if you need me"

BamBam Was listen to what they were saying from his room with the door open, which is the closest to the kitchen. He gets up get dressed and heads to the bar to find Jackson.

" Where you going at this  time Bammi?"

" What? is not late.. is only 5pm"
" Bam... where you going? I not asking you the time "

" GOSH!! I'm  just going to Jackson hyung, make sure he doesn't get drunk or something.. happy?"

" were you listening to our conversation? "

"No!!... my door was open I just happened  to hear what you guys were talking about.."

" Ok, fine! I will feel better if someone  is with him right now"

"Later" BamBam said  with a smirk  on his face.. and walk out.
BamBam gets to the place and eyed Jackson by the bar talking  to the bar tender. He waits just thinking what he wants to do..and walks towards Jackson. 

" hey hyung, don't mind if a make you company?"

" Bam.. what are you doing here?  you shouldn't  be here you know?"

 " I am not going to drink hyung? I just want to make you company that's all"

" I don't want any company I want to be by myself ok just leave me alone"

" hyung you have change so much these days, just forget about whatever is bothering you"

Jackson  glares at BamBam giving the other shivers by the look in his eyes..

" LOOK! Bam Bam  don't want  to be rude to you but, butt off ok"  and he  takes another drink..

Jackson  has been drinking since he got to the bar his speech is already sounding blurred. Bam Bam signal with his hand to the bar tender to stop.. 

"No more drinks hyungs let go home everyone will be worry."

Back to the Dorms..

 "Jr. someone is at the door can you please open it!!. I'm busy!! JB shouts from the back..

" I am cooking!! ok?!  I can't just drop the pan you know!? hold on I am coming! 
he shouts towards the door..

Jr. runs to the door and opens it. the manager walks  in with Mark following him behind.

Mgr: "Hey Jr. what's cooking? smells good  in  here.."

Jr: "What are you hungry hyung? looking at Mark with awe.."

Mgr:  "Oh right  this is the new GOT7 member.. M.."  Jr. cuts him off

Jr: "Mark Tuan?" He says smiling. and keeps looking at Mark..
Mark: "Hello Nice to meet you.."
Jr:" Hi..yes I heard a lot about you from Jackson  and from Mr. Park and well.. they have been waiting for you.. you are finally here wel..."  JB cuts him....He came to the livingroom when he heard who just got here.

JB: "Welcome.. you have no idea how happy I am to see you" with a big smile from ear to ear.. knowing  that Jackson   will be trill to see him home when he comes back. 

Mark: Oh yeah? how's that?

JB : " Hello , I am JaeBum the leader of GOT7,  nice to  finally meet you. Well someone miss his best friend a lot..and has no idea if his dead or alive.."  he says it with his smily  eyes.

Jr:  "Yes Jackson  will be very happy... so, let's show you your room ok." he pulls Mark with him and takes his carry- on ..

Jr.: here..  this is your room.. the bathroom is at the end of the hallway... Well I guess your  bed will be the top one.. Jackson  picked the bottom one already. .

Mark nods with his head and says thank you, looking  around the room to all of Jackson's stuff, his snapbacks and boots, all of his accessories.

Jr: "Well make your self at home, dinner will be ready in a few if you are hungry.. ok?"

Mark: "Thanks again, I am fine, I will just take a shower and rest.. "

Jr. :  "well if you get hurry don't be afraid to come to the kitchen ok, and  get yourself something to eat..

Mark just  nods again and keeps looking at him like  waiting to ask something but afraid of asking..Jr noticed  and smiles at him..

Jr: " you want to know where's Jackson? .. he hasn't been himself lately. ...he will be here Soon. .not wanting  to tell him that he went out to drink..

Mark: " Ok"
Jr: " Welcome  home and see you later"
Marks opens his carry- on  gets his stuff out and accommodate them on an empty shelf by the bunker beds and places some stuff in the closest. . he doesn't  have lots of stuff. He thinks that he will have  to go shopping now that he is part of the group. He takes his towel some pj pants and heads to the bathroom.
"hyung .. stop grabbing  my neck you gonna choke me.." as BamBam struggles to carry Jackson  to the dorms..

"Bamiiii, Bammi. wheth  wheth chu  takinth me? me no truthz chu " hanging from BamBam's  shoulder about to fall.

"I am taking you home because you are drunk" BamBam  struggles to keep him standing.

"MEE?? am not d d drunk..aam ....j  just..ooh prewtty, prewwtty,  Bammi, oh Bammi  chu lookth  liketh my Mar..M..

"What? oh no you didnt " BamBam  blurts rolling his eyes.

"Bammi.. chu know? I mish him shooo meush.. hish doeshn takth my calls. Tha friggin biash.


They got to the dorm.. BamBam has no idea the Mark is already there..BamBam opens the door and struggles pulling him in  he is about to pass out..there is no one around to help he can smell food in the kitchen  but Jr. is not there.. so he keeps walking dragging  Jackson  to his room
he doesn't  noticed  anything new of course.. Jackson is standing there like a living dead..  BamBam wants to help him out of his clothes to get him to bed..
he gets closer to Jackson.. and slowly start moving his hands towards Jackson's jacket. . Jackson  looks at him with puzzled  eyes but he is so drunk can't figured anything out his actually thinking about Mark every time he sees BamBam's  face, he sees Mark. Bam Bam.. grabs his  Jacket and pulls him closer to him. . he can feel  Jackson  breath on his face.. he keeps looking  to Jackson's lips  and  closes the gap  with a small peck... Bam Bam did not noticed Mark walking to the room right before he pulled Jackson  to the kiss..

" What is this?" Mark says in a very soft low tone of voice, but sounds up set by the scene.."

" Who are you??" BamBam blurts out looking annoyed by the interruption.
Jackson is confused doesn't  know if what's he is seeing  is real, but just in case he pushes BamBam away and puts  his hands in a surrender position and says..
" it wasn'th  me! c chu s saw that r r  right?? can't   believe what he sees, he is so shock and drops (passout) to the bed half way.

"Hyung!" Bambam calls. 

"You can leave now" Mark says to BamBam,  standing  by the door with his black pj pants hanging so sexy from his hips showing his well built up abs and his white pearly skin, wet hair and his towel hanging on his neck. BamBam  can't take his eyes off of him. .asking  himself who is this gorgeous  guy?.

"You didn't  answer my question" BamBam  says.

" You must be BamBam" Mark says with a jelousy look in his eyes.

"Yes I am BamBam" Jr. knocks the door ...

Jr: "Mark!? can I come in"
BamBam looks at Mark with wide open eyes and feels his hearts raising so hard his hands gets cold out of the sudden and he wants to walk out and bumps on some stool in the way. .Mark noticed it and figures that he already knows  who he is.. that's why he's gotten nervous.

BamBam:" Shit shit shit" said to himself as he walks  out of the room..and opens the door..

Jr: "Bammi? what are you doing here?"

" Hyung? I was just dropping Jackson  to his bed.." Bam Bam says nervously  looking at Mark. .and back at Jr.. and squizzed  himself out of the way to his room..

" Dinner is ready if you want to eat something " Jr.  tells Mark.
"I'll eat something  later, right now I don't have any appetite"

" I got you man" Jr. replies looking  at Jackson thrown on his bed and back at Mark again and press his lips.. 
"good luck man."
Mark closes the door and looks at Jackson  all drunk..and flash back of BamBam trying to kiss  him comes to his head.. his just shakes his head and moves Jackson  straight  on his bed.. 
he takes off the jacket, the boots, his jeans, just leaves his boxers and his wifebeater on. he takes off his bracelets and the rings and earings  off too.

" Mark.  Mmm...Mark"  Jackson blurts out in his sleep. he opens his eyes and see Mark's face on a dazed.. he is falling back to sleep.. he holds Mark's waits like a pillow  and drift  to sleep again..Mark looks  at his sleeping  face ad touches it with the back of his hands.. fixes some blonde strands of hair on his face and sighs . .

" I am sorry Jacks, I am so sorry, I didn't  mean to hurt you like this.."
Mark just moved himself a bit and join Jackson in bed.. Jackson already  had his arms wrapped on Mark's waist anyway.. he didn't want to get them off he fell asleep in Jackson's embraced. .

Next Morning ...Jackson wakes up with a bit of a headache, as he wakes up his eyes are a little blur.. he feels a weight on his lower body can't figure what it is.. he looks down his waist and see someone wrapped on his lower body, can't figure  who is the Red haired  person.. he doesn't move trying to think who he brought  home last night. . he remembered  BamBam.. but BamBam  doesn't have red hair.... he tries to look at the person face but he is afraid to wake  her/him up he is not sure if is a woman or a man..because the person seems to be long and sort heavy not that much but, slender..he feels the person moves and he just looks at the ceiling and have this strange feeling as the person strengthen his grasp on him.. he tries to move a little to see his face.. is definitely  a he, Jackson tells himself. He can feel his chest now after he drifted his body and hug him more, but he still can't see his complete  face.. he tries to move again a little to see his face again..then..

" God.. stop moving please"
Jackson jumps a little to the sound of that voice, he can't believe what he is thinking. .is this Mark??? he moves up and turn the person without  care now..

" Mark!!?, Mark! ?!"

" What!? Stop yelling  I'm sleepy, and
  I am tired you know?"

Jackson  can't believe his own eyes and he thinks he is dreaming, he pulls Mark up to his chest and roll on the bed on a hug, Jackson embrace Mark on a bear hug and entangled his fingers on Mark's red hair.. and kisses Mark's head, hugs him again real tight..Mark hugs him back..

" You have no idea have much I missed you"

"I missed you too"
Jackson let a small laugh  and says..

"I like you new suits you're  beautiful face.. you look gorgeous" 

"glad you like it"

" how did you. .when did you get here?"
" You don't remember?  don't you remember me from last night  when you got here with your.. with BamBam?"
Then Jackson  had a backflash  of what happened  when  BamBam try to kiss him..

" ooh ..oh Mark is not what you think. .I seriously though I was hallucinating when I saw you and BamBam is just  BamBam that's it.. he is just a little  brother  to me.."

" I don't think  he feels like you"

"Well too bad"

JB walks in to wake them up for breakfast  Jr. following him. They were surprised  by seeing Mark and Jackson on a tight embrace on Jackson's bed.. talking very softly to eachother they did not even noticed they have come in to the room.. The boys have heard from Jackson  about Mark, they always  had the suspicion that Mark was someone very special  more  than just good friends..

 " I think we should just let them be"
JB tells JR. as the close the door again.

"They are very close don't you think so"  says Jr.

"humm.. They are a couple  I am sure now, plus when JYP brought Jackson, I remember him telling  Jackson, not to worry much because his other half will join him Soon.. I wasn't sure what they were talking  about at the moment  but, as time pass I figured  they were talking  about Mark Tuan.. since JYP was waiting for him too, to complete GOT7. . and don't you remember he said not to pair Jackson with anyone else, that the missing  member was going to be his roommate? 

"  I never thought  of anything till now that you mention it..but may be everyone  should know about this " 

" Yes, specially BamBam, I think he had feelings for Jackson " JB blurs out.
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