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Warning: some bad language and scenes of intimacy I've attempted to do the POVs in first person to see what it's like... Not sure if I'll use it in following parts or not.
Your POV: This was your last show in Korea. Over the upcoming weekend, you were going to be flying to Japan. You were going to be spending a week there before moving onto Thailand, then China and then finally America. You were currently backstage in your changing room. You were sat in the chair by the mirror while your stylist is your hair. Kookie was playing on his phone while spewed over the sofa. "So, what's the theme today then babe?" He asked. This was a question he frequently asked yet you weren't sure that he was really 100% interested in your response. "The 4th of July look i.e. the American flag colours." There were multiple dresses hanging up on a rail which you could choose from. Once your hair was done, the stylist left and you had to choose your outfit.
In the end, you decided to go for this combo.
You were ready now and all you had to now do was perform really. You noticed that Jungkook was still on his phone and so you crept up behind him and began to kiss the back of his neck. This still didn't take his attention away from his phone. So, you started leaving marks across the back of his neck instead. "So..." He was finally talking, "I can't leave marks on you but you think that you can on me!" He turned to face you and a smirk spread across your face, "of course, you haven't got any promotions yet!" He smiled back and his lips met with yours. You were both into deep kissing mode when a light cough came from the doorway. It was Tae and Jimin. "Guys, what are you doing here?" You were surprised but also didn't want to bring up the subject of you and Kookie. "We came to support you Y/N!" Tae cheered. Then Jimin added, "but also to say goodbye while you go off promoting!" You ran over and embraced both boys at the same time, "thanks lads, it means a lot!" You held open the door fully for them and invited them in as you were already ready.
Jungkook's POV: Tae and Jimin had been in Y/N's changing room for about 3 minutes now and Jimin went off to talk to Y/N while Tae stayed and chatted to me. "So, where were you the other night?" I immediately tried to remember which night he was referring to and then it hit me. The night I slept round her dorm. I pictured it, the way that it had suddenly happened and how it didn't take long for us to end up in bed together. I decided to finally reply to Tae, "At Y/N's" I felt that there was no shame in telling my good friend the truth. "Oh.... So you two had fun then?" By the smirk on Tae's face, it was obvious that he could tell what went on between her and me. It wasn't as if I did something like that when I went round just any female friend's house, but then again Tae was the first to know that I had developed feelings for her. "We ur... did have fun thanks Taetae!" I was blushing now. Not in an embarrassed way over what we did but over the fact that I was surely going to be teased about it.
Jimin's POV: Me and Y/N got talking about her future promotions. It was actually pretty interesting to be fair. She was excited about how Jungkook was going to try to come to as many shows as he could. Except, I was pretty sure that he had told me how disappointed he was that he couldn't fully support Y/N while she was away. Something was up but I wasn't going to be the one to point it out. I didn't want to ruin her excitement, no one deserved to be sad just before an experience like that. "Are you gonna try to go to all the little touristy places then?" I asked. "I think I'll try but it depends what the schedule is like" she smiled. I can see why little Kookie fell for her. She's got the most innocent smile I've ever seen and overall she's a really nice person. "When is it that you come back?" "Well I'm staying a week in Japan then another in Thailand and another in China then another in America. So all together about... A month"
Your POV: It had finally settled in exactly how long you were going to be away. When you mentioned it to others it just sounded like a few weeks but telling Jimin it was going to be a month shocked you. A whole month away from Korea... You were still in shock but you soon reassured yourself, "but I mean it'll be fine cuz although my parents can only meet me when I'm in America, I'll have the girls around me and Kookie too!" Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Jungkook prick up at the mention of his name. All the noise within the room seemed to dull down to a silence. "What?" You asked, keen to break the silence. Jungkook suddenly looked nervous. What was wrong with him? You weren't saying anything bad about him. Then it dawned on you, he'd lied. He'd told you that he would sneak out to see you but he couldn't. He was stuck in Korea and it would be a month until you saw him again. Yes you two could text but there would be no physical connection, you wouldn't feel his presence again for a month. "Would you excuse me for a minute?" You hastily got outside the room and slammed the door shut. All of a sudden you began to run. At first you didn't know where you were going until you saw a sign that said 'gardens'
The gardens in that arena was a secluded area where idols could just chill, relax and be outside without being hassled by the media or fans. You found a little swinging bench thing and almost threw yourself into it. There, you curled up in a ball and found yourself crying. Moments later, you could hear heavy breathing and loud footsteps. No surprise as to who it was.. Jungkook. "Y/N please don't cry..." He was going to carry on but something inside you stopped him and you began to rant. "You lied to me Jeon Jungkook. You fucking lied to me! You told me you'd be there, knowing fully that you wouldn't be. If you couldn't come with me then you should have just said God dammit!" He was speechless. Slowly, he stepped towards you and cuddled you on the swing. You turned around and cried into his shirt, the tears making his shirt damper by the minute. "I - I know and I'm sorry... I really wanted to be there for you but... But I just can't!" You nodded slightly trying to wipe the tears from your face. You could distinctly feel him tense up just then, "I swear sometimes I should have just let you be with BamBam. He might've been there more for you than I can." The words hurt. Jungkook was much better than BamBam. Yes he was a great friend but he never knew how to calm you down like Kookie did. "No! He'd have been much worse than you. He can barely manage himself" You both laughed. It was going to be hard yes. But in that garden, you had promised each other that everyday you would either text or FaceTime in order to say connected
~ many days later ~ You were in Thailand preparing for your second show. Yes you had kept your promise with Jungkook but it felt awkward now. You didn't really find much to talk about and it felt like you were making desperate attempts at a long distance relationship. It had been hard for you not to get off track as you had met some amazing people along the way. Including a group called Lollipop F from China. You had befriended Fabien from the group and also kept in contact with him. On your first day in Thailand you had even met K-Otic - even though they split in 2012, they all stayed in contact. It was good getting to know other cultures. You were stood backstage when a pair of arms swung you around. At first you thought it was Jungkook but to your disappointment it was a guy you met on the plane to Thailand called Shay. He was nice and all but he wasn't Jungkook. "Excited for today?" He asked. "Yes I am, how the hell did the bodyguard let you past?" "BigHit gave me a pass as I was kind enough to help you off the plane. Fair enough.
Jungkook's POV: I knew it was time for her to prepare herself to go on stage and so I had sent her a good luck text - That I sent her an hour ago, still no reply. Admittedly, I have become more desperate to hear from her ever since he had seen a picture of her with some random guy help her off the plane
Hope you guys enjoyed....
Aww Kookie, it will be alright.💖