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They are so cute together! Young Love is a precious thing!❤ I'm all aboard this Ship already!!! #DekuRara #BokuNoHeroAcademia #IzukuMidoriya #UrarakaOchako
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@BlackoutZJ True, but he is still a hero. I guess anti-hero but he isn't a villain.
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@AdamDean I know, but that would be cool tho😆
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......... No more Sasuke!! The anime community can't handle another Sasuke. We all love Sasuke but be real here people, how many times have you said fuck you Sasuke, or Sasuke is emo, or Sasuke is a dick, cmon think back all the way from the original naruto series
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i mean im on the latest chapter but it doesnt seem that way with what he said to the villians
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I like midoriya with the frog girl more
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